Zip Line Ride through Dubai

A zip line adventure is now available in Dubai. So come to the country to get your aerial excitements.

This is a must-do adventure for thrill-seekers! Any fun-loving thrill-seeker daring enough to try it, may get that opportunity.

Lately, XDubai has presented its new urban zip-line (consisting of a pulley suspended on a stainless steel cable) for participants to take an exciting ride.

The adventure begins at the top of a residential apartment that is 300 feet (90 meters) above the downtown area of Dubai with a line running more than 1,800 feet (558 meters) and ending at the top of the Dubai Mall rooftop. The 40-second trip offers any interested thrill-seekers an unforgettable high-speed experience (at speeds of up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) an hour) that is sure to take their breath away!

However, only a select few can actually participate, as told CNN, noting that “XDubai, the attraction’s organizers, pick 30 people per week from a social media competition to participate in the invitation-only attraction.”

Guess who was the zip line’s first rider? Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai.

Those fortunate to be picked will be given proper techniques and procedures of safety prior to being connected to the zip line and let go. This is an extreme activity, not suited for those riders that are terrified of being at great heights.

That said, the nation’s first zip line is ready for a lucky few who dream of soaring high above the city. The payoff is a thrilling ride and a great view of Dubai.

The zip line will only run until the end of the year, XDubai says. It estimates to have more than 4,000 people take part and appreciate the new, but temporary, adventure-based activity that offers excitement and a panoramic bird’s-eye view of Dubai. Its unique vantage point overlooks the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and it is line above the Dubai Mall Fountain, the world’s largest choreographed fountain, mentioned Julia Saubier, for CNN.

The mind-blowing zip line experience presents a formidable ride through Dubai unlike any other adrenaline-inducing adventure. Indeed, it would be a terrific way to see the city with breathtaking views form various vantage points along the journey.

Combining the thrill and fast free-flying sensation, the zip line provides some of the best exhilarating ride tours you will ever try. So, why not give zip-lining a shot?

Be sure, if you are allowed to participate, to record the experience using a helmet-cam, or bring a camera along, as you will want to capture the zip-lining adventure. There is ample time for picture taking. It is a thrilling outdoor experience never to be forgotten!

Zip Line Ride through Dubai

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