XDubai Spartan Race 2016 Finally in Bahrain

The Spartan Race is set to take place in Bahrain in April. The event will bring elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts together to take part in what is said to be the world’s best of obstacle racing to spectators and athletes alike.

Are you ready for a fitness challenge? Have you the aptitude to conquer the toughest of races? If so, the Spartan race is for you!

Three are the characteristics of a True Spartan: strong MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. The Spartan race puts the athletes to the test with stumbling blocks they encounter in their path. To live the Spartan Way of Life, you must be prepared mentally and physically for this event.

Coming April 1st is the XDubai Spartan Race Sprint Bahrain.

Race takes place at 8:00:00 AST

Location: Bahrain International Endurance Village, Al Zallaq, Bahrain

Point of contact: Email info@ae.spartan.com

With a short time before the big day, are you fit enough to participate in a Spartan race? Well, you will know at the finish line. But did you know that the Spartan Workout Tour Presented by XDubai is a great way to get ready for the big event. Check to see if you are still in time to participate to the free preparation workouts.

You have only 11 days to prepare for the race. The Spartan Bahrain Sprint will consist of 5+ Km / 20+ OBSTACLES, and it is intended to be fun for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

What kind of obstacles? That information is still not available but they will be obstacles to catch you off guard. Keep in mind, the course layout will feature terrain inspired hurdles. Just be prepared to tackle many unique and challenging obstacles!

Registration Pricing:

  • ELITE (8:00AM) USD$134.00 – Only a few slots left at this price.
  • MORNING OPEN (8:15AM-11:45AM) USD$108.00 – Over 200 slots left at this price.
  • AFTERNOON OPEN (1:00PM) Sold Out
  • JUNIOR RACE 1KM (10:00AM-12:00PM) USD$45 – Designed for kids

Similar to the Dubai Sprint UAE, presented by XDubai, the Spartan Race presents a wide range of options for different competitors’ skill levels. The Spartan courses are designed for both grown-ups and young Spartans and aims to inspire all aged groups to get out, be active and enjoy themselves on this day. Athletes will have to jump, slip, slide, climb, run or duck, and more, as well as get muddy and wet while conquering obstacles – all to have the time of their life!

Do register today if you plan to take part as a Spartan Race competitor. Once the race entry is done, there will be an email confirming your registration/purchase. The fee is paid online prior to the event (please note online registration closes at midnight on Thursday prior to the race).

Note: Spartan athletes that would like to race for a prize need to sign up for the ELITE group. Those who complete the event will receive a finisher shirt, medal, etc. All Spartan Race participants, those that enter the race will be issued bib numbers, which are assigned about 10 days prior to the event.

Take part as an individual Spartan contender or build a team—that can be any size but must have at least 4 members. For more details, see Team Registration and Start Times.

As a Spartan Race spectator, you will have viewing access of some obstacles to catch your family and friends running, climbing, and crawling their way through the course; you will also be able to enjoy some of the foods for sale on the grounds, and have the chance to enter in the raffles too, all while listening to the music entertainment.

How much will spectators pay? All racers, “will receive two complimentary spectator pass. Each additional spectator pass will be $5. Extra spectator passes can be purchased onsite at the spectator tent,” as cited on the official website.

Alternatively, you can spend an exciting day as part of the behind-the-scenes team that makes it all happen as one of the Spartan volunteers.

XDubai Spartan Races are nothing like any other runners’ competition; participants are timed, ranked and judged on a point score, as there are official penalties for each obstacle if you go around and not overcome them; failures add up to a given score at the end of the course. For recurring competitors, the total possible points are 300 that count toward the athlete’s leaderboard rankings.

As Digital Media Partner of the Spartan Race, DubaiBlog  with its owner and web administrator Nico de Corato, who is a Spartan athlete himself, will be at the event to bring coverage of this spectacular race. For further details of the Bahrain Sprint, visit spartanarabia.com.

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