XCAT Racing 2016 Calendar Announced by WPAA

Attention water motorboat racing enthusiasts: You do not want to miss the action!

In an official press release, the World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) announced the XCAT Racing 2016 Calendar. WPPA is the exclusive promoters of the XCAT (Extreme Catamaran) World Series.

In 2016, the XCAT action expands to exciting new venues, including Lugano, Switzerland and is set to conquer once again the Asian Continent. There is no word yet on where XCAT will venture into that region at the moment, but, what is known is that XCAT Powerboating will take place there for both the fourth and fifth round in September and October respectively.

Just as last year’s XCAT Racing Schedule opening round takes place in Fujairah, UAE (06-08 April). Also the second race will take place in the UAE, but in Dubai (14-16 April), as well as be back for the final two rounds of the 2016 season in Abu Dhabi (16-18 November) and Dubai (01-03 December).

The number of rounds, however, will be different from last year’s calendar, with only seven scheduled rounds compared to eight. Even so, there is plenty of action that will soon be underway.

The 2016 UIM XCAT World Powerboat Series – Coming in April – promises to be a thrilling spectacle. This motorsport series on water involves international competitive team drivers steering advanced carbon technology watercrafts comprising of two outboard powerful engines.

The 15 teams are all in with a chance to win the 2016 championship. Will the XDubai team of Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi be re-crowned as XCAT world champions at the end of the season like in 2015? Well, the XDubai team is bound to try and win their fifth XCAT title. Whomever the winner, however, the XCAT program is sure to offer some thrilling contests out in the open waters during the season.

Speaking about the XCAT season, last month, the WPPA told how the XCAT (Extreme Catamaran) World Series is set to be a “sizzling 2016 season;” Karien Jonckheere from WPAA, expects even more followers for this international event.

WPAA’s media correspondent Jonckheere believes enthusiastic fans will be pleased with UIM XCAT World Powerboat Series’s 2016 calendar that was announced at the end of January with  “fresh, new venues and exciting locations.”

XCAT Racing is a water sport activity (see WPAA UIM XCAT World Series – Promo video) that has definitely conquered a prominent space in the powerboating world. Enthusiasts of the XCAT are bound to be tuned in to and follow the action as it unfolds. One can expect XCAT to have increased media coverage on all races and to be broadcasted on TV and live stream.

General enquiries can be directed to WPAA at info@thewppa.com. As promoter of the XCAT world championship, WPAA will be making some more announcements regarding the season ahead.

XCAT Racing 2016 Calendar Announced by WPAA

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