World’s First Fully Rotating 360-Degree Skyscraper Planned for Dubai

Dubai’s newest hotel will be a fully-rotating, self-powered skyscraper developed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. This building that makes use of solar and wind energy is a project unlike any other and is the forerunner of a new tendency of the construction industry in Dubai:  buildings and skyscrapers that are self-sufficient.

“Fisher, [founder of Dynamic Architecture], said he designed the building from the belief the motionless state of today’s houses does not reflect people’s actual lives, where everything is constantly changing,” mentions The Sun. He believes that hotels and homes should instead be able to “move following the sun or the wind, and adjust to their tenants’ life and mood.”

Just imagine staying at this rotating skyscraper in Dubai admiring the skyline, from dawn to dusk. It sounds great, right?

Where else can you get a hotel where YOU decide the view?

The building has been in the works since 2008 and is going to be completed by 2020. The delay was due to a number of planning permissions and structural choices issues and plumbing problems. Nonetheless, the construction of the Dynamic Tower Hotel in Dubai is finally reaching the end for an estimated cost of $445million.

The 419 meters (1,375foot-tall), 80-story building complex will allow guests to swivel their rooms 360 degrees with each unit being built on separate floors and rotating independently (doing so in both directions) around the structure’s concrete center at the command of voice-activated control by the residents. Basically, guests will be able to choose their own views of Dubai.

While speaking on Your Discover Science channel of YouTube, David Fisher said, “It will never look the same. The floor is rotating very smoothly. You don’t hear anything.”

Guests can decide to be constantly rotating or bring the room to a standstill to admire the city thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows

In addition, this ultra-luxurious abode will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation and facilities. It is expected to have swimming pools, fitness centers, car lifts and luscious gardens to add to its fascination.

In addition to the hotel, the building is expected to also host apartments on different floors. Obviously all this will come at a premium price; tenancy in this ‘Dynamic’ tower is expecting to cost $30 million per apartment.

This proposed building is not only eco-friendly (a so-called green power station) but will be self-sufficient. The Dynamic Architecture Group’s structure will feature 48 wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floor to provide power and solar panels on the roof, which will allow it to be completely self-powered. And the wind turbines are supplementary to absorb the harsh outside temperatures, leading to lesser need of power and air conditioning in addition to keeping the interiors cool during daytime, when the building will make the most of solar and wind energy to generate enough energy to fuel the building’s electricity.

Fisher says Dynamic Tower will become a symbol of sustainability for Dubai, as well as being a symbol of the future.

The UAE has extravagant cities, famous for being both modern and luxurious and has some of the most astonishing buildings with state-of-the-art developments by fine architects; Dubai’s self-powered rotating skyscraper is no different. When completed, this project will be the first of its kind and will mark the beginning of a new era on architectural style constructions by challenging the notions of traditional structural design.

World’s First Fully Rotating 360-Degree Skyscraper Planned for Dubai

World’s First Fully Rotating 360-Degree Skyscraper Planned for Dubai

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