World Record Set in Burpee for Cancer Event

World Record Set in Burpee for Cancer EventFour official Guinness World Record were attempted last week at Dubai Autodrome. Professional trainers, Eva Clarke along with Lee Ryan broke world records in one-minute knuckle pushups, 12-hour and 24-hour burpees and one hour burpees. The Guinness World Record (GWR) sponsored event raised funds for the charity organization World Child Cancer that endeavors to beat childhood cancer in developing countries.

Eva Clarke, a fitness instructor and professional athlete, is a woman on a mission not only to push herself to achieve success, but also to use her body strength and fitness abilities and determination to raise funds for brave children battling cancer. The busy mother of three and business owner found the time, between her family commitments and clients’ sessions, to make a difference for others in the world; her hard work definitely paid off in terms of contributions raised during the charitable event.

Clarke who was raised in Australia and today resides in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is a former military and the founder of HUA Fitness where she trains with a method developed from the very foundation of Military fitness training. She has chosen burpees for her challenge “as it is synonymous with fitness instructors around the world. “Burpees are a great conditioning tool that comes in all kinds of variations and that work tons of muscles while challenging cardiovascular fitness.

It was not long ago when Eva set two new Guinness World Records at Al Wahda Mall, in Abu Dhabi for the most knuckle push-ups in one hour and one for the most knuckle push-ups in 24 hours. Between 10am on 9 January and 10am on 10 January, Eva Clarke was able to fit 12,003 burpees

As for Dubai personal trainer Lee Ryan, he also took on the same challenge of a 1-minute burpee, 12-hr burpee and 24-hr burpee. He broke the previous 12 hour world record and set a new 24 hour record with 10,110 burpees.

Both Eva and Lee’s efforts paid off, literally, with in charitable donations. Lee did, however, mention the endeavor led to sore bloody hands and a tetanus and pain killer injection afterwards; the old adage is true: No Pain, No Gain!

World Record Set in Burpee for Cancer Event

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