World in a Lens: a unique charity project

A unique charity project started just by chance thanks to the vision of Italian photographer Davide Carnevale. The ‘World in a Lens’ photo project is a collection of pictures of landmarks from every corner of the world captured on a mobile phone camera and through an olloclip lens.

Olloclip lenses are an easy tool that makes dramatic improvements to smartphone camera picture-taking. The lens allows smartphones users to take snapshots of distant objects or subjects in a peculiar way: the object is magnified, the light diffused on the image, the background out-of-focus. Different effects can be applied.

Davide Carnevale bought the lens on the Internet and tried it in Rome for the first time in Christmas of 2013. The lens seemed to be perfect to frame the Coliseum and the first shot of what would become a stunning collection of images around the world was taken.

Using google maps, Carnevale has created a list of all pictures taken with the olloclip lens around the globe. To join him are also a number of photograph-enthusiasts who have contributed to the project by sharing pictures on Carnevale’s Facebook and Instagram accounts from every continents and including some of the seven new wonders of the world: from the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro to Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, the Coliseum, Eiffel Tower and recently Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. The “monuments in a lens” photo of Burj Al Arab by Silvia Bacigalupo is an example of the type of shot that makes this project.

The World in a lens project continues to be open to all who want to participate. The aim is to collect iconic pictures from the entire globe for inclusion in a book that can be used by non-profit organization to raise money.

Those that want to join this charity project and get involved to photograph the world and contribute a picture may do so by sending an email to Participants need to include a picture of one of the important monuments of their city (please, first check if it hasn’t been covered yet on this map). The landmark needs to be clearly depicted through the lens and information must be added: city name, region, and monument name. Only a mobile phone camera, an olloclip lens and no other tools can be used. The collection can be seen on Carnevale’s Facebook page on the ‘World in a Lens’ photo project.

Twenty photographers have been contributing pictures so far and 60 landmarks have been mapped. There are still plenty of places to be photographed and plenty of opportunities for photographers to contribute to this unique charity project! Many of Dubai landmarks, for example, are still in need to be immortalized.

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World in a Lens: a unique charity project
Burj Al Arab by Silvia Bacigalupo

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