World Art Dubai 2016, calling art lovers from all over the world

April brings art from four continents to a single location here in Dubai. It is an “art for all” type of event (#art4everyone) that features a collection of works in different ingenious styles. Is sure to have something to suit all tastes and preferences, in addition to all budgets – ranging from US$100 – 10,000.

For an art-buying experience, the Dubai Art Fair is not to be missed, as it will “showcase accessible, inspirational and affordable art to Middle Eastern art lovers,” as told on its official website (

After a successful inaugural year in 2015, the World Art Dubai returns to house a new collection of “artworks comprising paintings and prints, photography, sculpture, installations, performances, mixed media, new media and more,” as mentioned at

For all visitants with discover more than 140 local, regional and international galleries and artists at the show with art more accessible and affordable than it is now. It is your chance to search for pieces you might enjoy; certainly is a gathering for display space and collectors.

Dubai is a growing art-world hub producing art and presenting it in a marketable way that can be within your means. This event is part of United Arab Emirates’ art scene and prominent hotbed for the Middle Eastern Art Market; it brings together regional and global artists and galleries to one central place that will host a diverse collection of modern, contemporary and fine art work for every budget across 4,000m² of exciting indoor exhibition space at World Art Dubai 2016.

With a number of art-minded investors, the city possesses one of the world’s most impressive collections of artworks of pieces that display creative talent at the exhibit turning out some impressive pieces of art. It will bring visitors to the discovery of the fascinating traditional styles and techniques developed across the Middle East.

This makes the art scene of exploring Arab artists’ achievements in the emirate the best way to immerse themselves in the process of marketing their artwork and promote current art practices.

Inaugurated in 2015, it is back again for its second edition; this all-important contemporary art fair, exhibiting both regional and foreign artists, is showcasing the works of emerging and established painters, sculptors and photographers at World Art Dubai, which is the region’s premier platform for worldwide galleries to display various art pieces.

The savviest art collectors from the region and abroad will want to visit, as visitants can have an understanding of Arab art through talks, lectures and learning programmes held by field experts and professionals.

UAE’s prominence as a leading cultural and artistic hub, which attracts buyers from around the globe, delivers the essential exhibition space of valuable works and collections from the region’s most prominent galleries that contain international artists and their artwork.

The exhibition opened to everyone presents a new world of awe-inspiring works from the art market today in UAE. One can expect many art lovers are looking forward to engaging with likeminded artists who come to showcase their work or who will share their invaluable insights on how to promote their portfolios.

What to expect World Art Dubai 2016:

  • Art Talks & Workshops
  • 4th International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) Presentation – This is DUBAI’S INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART AWARD FOR VISUAL ARTISTS. “[IEAA} is one-of- a kind chance and a career accelerator for emerging artists who are striving for exposure and access to art collectors.” All winning artwork are to be showcased during the 4-day contemporary art fair at World Art Dubai.
  • Art for every Wall

World Art Dubai at the World Trade Centre is the city’s foremost accessible and affordable art fair, and with dozens of booths mostly selling art that ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dirhams; it is an excellent opportunity to attend to observe and have the chance to buy unique pieces of artwork.

These are 4 days, from 06 – 09 April, that you just simply cannot afford to miss out! There is Free Online Registration. Public Entry is AED15. Show Opening Hours are from 2pm-9pm. Location: DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE. Tel.: + 971 4 308 6468

Why visit? For many, it will be the art buying experience. All visitors have the opportunity to take home original works of art. Others will enjoy the idea to be educated from any of the free, fun and informative talks from its art experts.

The World Art Dubai event supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority provides a unique platform for kinds of artists to foster a cultural connection with the Middle East’s legions of avid art lovers and collectors. It is the ideal setting to best connect your work with its ideal audience.

To enquire about exhibiting yours or your gallery’s affordable works of art, please email Do make note that the Artist Section of World Art Dubai is no longer accepting more works as unfortunately this is now SOLD OUT for 2016. Nonetheless, to be considered for the 2017 show, feel free to email Pravin Punjabi, Event Director,

World Art Dubai 2016, calling art lovers from all over the world

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  • May 3, 2016 at 6:24 am

    I love World Art Dubai. I have already participated this event many times because I am a beginner in the world of art.


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