Why water is so important for our health?

Human body consists of 75 percent of water. Therefore, it is evidently clear that this element is essential for life. Water has always symbolized purity since antiquity. It is composed by two atoms of oxygen and one of hydrogen and also contains minerals and trace elements, the amount of these can vary according to the nature of water.

Minerals found in water are not identical to those present in plants or animal products and cannot be processed by the body. The kidneys eliminate these components because they are not bioavailable. By consuming vegetables, the human body can easily recover the molecules of mineral substances. This also happens when consuming meat. The enzymes of the intestine work to ease the minerals uptake.

Hydration is important for human body and it is especially vital for athletes who need to reintegrate the water lost through sweating. Dehydration affects athletes’ performance, and it’s important that liquids are continuously taken in. Endurance athletes need to drink small quantities of liquids throughout their activities at regular intervals (every 15-20 minutes) to prevent dehydration.
Sweat and evaporation are an important cooling mechanism for the body surface and proper hydration allows it to happen as needed. It’s important to begin drinking small doses of liquids even before starting the physical workout. It is important to drink water at room temperature in order to avoid a thermal shock for the stomach.

Water is involved in all vital body functions: digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration, maintaining temperature (homeostasis) integrity and for the strength of all body structures.
The consumption of plain water is less recommended since in most cases it is contaminated with different chemicals or pollutants such as fluoride, aluminium, and arsenic. It is preferable to intake spring mineral water coming from the high altitude places free from human establishments.

In order to know the best spring mineral water to choose, consumers should focus on the indication on the bottle label “Dry residue at 180° C.” This indication clearly shows the capacity of minerals in milligrams per litre and mineral waters containing less than 300 mg/ l of minerals are the most recommended.

Some water having a concentration of less than 150mg/ l of inorganic salts is considered as very good while others like “Monviso” with 49mg/ l, is considered excellent since it allows our body to function in a more efficient way and prevent water retention. This brand also has one of the lowest content of sodium per litre and also a very low level of nitrates, being from an uncontaminated spring water in a remote area in the Alps.

Moreover, the water you drink should indicate on the label the pH that should not be not too acidic and not too alkaline. The right pH level should be between 6.5 and 7.5.
Monviso water has also the right pH level which is 6.8, therefore it is the right water the body needs to guarantee the health of athletes, children and everybody.




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  • May 3, 2018 at 6:37 am

    Water is very important for health. Without water, we can’t live more than 3 days.


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