What is the cost of shopping in Dubai supermarkets?

This post does not intend to state all the prices for each product nor compare supermarkets. The aim is to give an idea about the availability of the products and their cost.
Just let’s go to a supermarket and see if we can get the products we are used to buying in Europe and how much shopping costs in Dubai.

We just have a look at the fruit and vegetable department and we notice that we can get any kind of fruits we find in Europe. Of course the prices are higher, especially for some products such as blueberries and cranberries that are obviously imported.
On the other hand, we can find an entire section for some products mostly locally produced at very reasonable prices, that we will never find in Europe such as different varieties of delicious dates and date syrup, the latter is really a delicacy and also healthy.

We can also find a section dedicated to organic products of all kinds and types and we can find almost everything we want. Prices are quite high but in line with the average of other places in the world.
Choitrams supermarkets are promoting a charity action. Products included in the promotion, are specifically labelled with a sticker. Choitrams donate a meal to poor populations. In particular, school meals will be delivered to children in need every time you buy Goodness Foods products marked with some stickers.

We can head to the bakery section passing through the cheese section which is full of different products, then we can see the butchery section where you can find almost any kind of cut of meat. Baguettes catch our eyes once we are at the bakery section and the cost is less than one euro.
Passing to the other store departments we can see that there are all kinds of products at prices that differ according to the brand we choose. Of course, we have to pay particular attention to special offers promoted by the supermarket, especially for some imported products, that usually are more expensive.
All the products must have a label in Arabic language.

If we like fish rather than meat, we can get different kinds of fish and sea food including, molluscs and crustaceans. All these products are locally caught and fresh. In fact, the Arabic gulf is very rich in fish. Only salmon is imported and therefore it is more expensive.
Moving inside the supermarket, we can find various household appliances, pots, saucepans and even some clothes.
Once we get to the milk section, we are surprised to see Camel milk, a product which is not sold in Europe. It is more expensive than cow milk and it comes in different brands.
We can find also different kinds of yogurt, imported and locally produced which are very convenient, some sold also in a 2 kg package.

In every supermarket we can get everything for the barbecue including instant Lighting Charcoal and disposable barbecues. During the weekend, it is a common habit in Dubai to organize barbecue parties in the desert.
Usually, each supermarket has a section dedicated to international cuisines (Mexican, Russian, Japanese etc) where imported ingredients to prepare dishes can be found.

When we finish our shopping we go to the till to pay the bill. Some supermarket has a dedicated till for paying pork products, in order to avoid contamination and for the respect the local customs.
Once we get out from the supermarket we find our car completely cleaned. This service is carried out by nice guys at the cost 5 € only.

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