What is an entrepreneur’s life like in Dubai?

DubaiBlog has usually interviewed different employees living in Dubai to enquire about the quality of life and to better know how satisfied they are about their life there. This time, we have decided to interview an entrepreneur who is managing a famous international brand. We wanted to know more about his life in Dubai.
This is what he said  “My name is Costantino Bertuzzi and I am an Italian entrepreneur. Now I am at my training centre showing some Italian products, such as pasta, coffee, and other foodstuffs bearing the Attibassi brand. The products are all of high quality and can make your mouth water.

We started this activity in the United Arab Emirates just a couple of years ago and we have started up more than 14 coffee-shops. Our brand has been expanding throughout the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar but also somehow in Egypt and Kenya. We chose Dubai as our starting point due to its fast growing market. In the past years, Dubai and all the Emirates witnessed a very fast development. As everybody knows Dubai is always growing with new buildings, big hotels and shopping centres and it has not been difficult to place our products in its market. Despite the high competition, we have managed to have a good slice of the market, thanks to our Italian products bearing a brand that is 100 years old. I chose to live in Dubai just to take care of all the activities of our company, which has already a significant network in Europe and in Northern America.

I took the project of expansion in the Middle East to heart and I decided to remain in Dubai. Dubai is a very beautiful city which offers a lot of opportunities. It is also very well organized and safe. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants in Dubai. The cost of living might seem a bit high, but this is true just in part. The fiscal system is particularly favourable and one can lead a nice life, except for the scorching heat in summer. My daily routine is to follow up all my coffee-shops, and the evolution of our drinks, manage the company team composed of very qualified staff, guarantee, and improve and maintain high quality services to our customers.

Let’s say this is my challenging life I am very keen on it. My previous working experience has been in the world of motor racing. In 1985 I won the Italian Motorcycle championship. Later on, I decided to participate in the GT motor races and I won several world championships, in Italy and Europe. I relocated in North America where I stayed for more than ten years and won several championships and participated in the 24 hours of Daytona for eight times.  I had the pleasure to work for the Ferrari as a testing driver between 1996-1999 where my work was highly appreciated and had the opportunity to work with big professionals in this sector, including Michael Schumacher. I am very happy and proud I had participated in these international championships which have helped me to grow professionally and help me interact with the world. Just few years ago I participated in a Lamborghini championship in Dubai. I feel I just can’t stop myself from driving.

My suggestions to all entrepreneurs who intend to start an activity in Dubai is to have a look at the market trends, find suitable people to work with and to deeply study the rules of the country. By following these suggestions one can easily be successful and gain satisfaction here in these areas where there are a lot of international trade fairs. Dubai is a fertile environment for trading not only in all the Middle East but also in Africa. Last year I launched our brand in Kenya, without being in Nairobi. This has been possible thanks to one of those international fairs whose representatives I met in a trade fair. It is important to invest a minimum in trade show during the fairs because this can bring good results. The African market is a promising one, and nowadays the situation has completely changed being more quiet with no guerrilla problems. The economy is fairly good and Africa is a big world market, and it represents the 20% of the entire world’s population. It is also true that there is a lot of competitors in this market but, by choosing the right people and proposing the right business, you can reach good results. To invest time and some money to bring a new brand overseas could be a key to success, but this is only true if one is very well organized and committed. This key is of course true in any part of the world. But in Dubai you will find better opportunities than anywhere else. All you need is to draw up your business plan and prepare a detailed marketing research before starting up your business in Dubai”.

Attibassi coffee shop


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