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Of the 7 emirates of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an independent ultramodern state with ideal tourism sector. The tourist and trade sectors of Dubai are developing at a swift pace and they attract traders and tourists from all across the world. The city has both, deserts and beaches and they are one of the best in the world.
In this age, the fast pace of life sometimes ignites anxiety and disrupts the mental peace and everyone needs that calm, to wear off that anxiety and Dubai has one of the best places to take a break from all the problems. Yacht Rental Dubai offers you a smooth yacht ride on the crystal clear waters and the Desert Safaris Dubai Tours are the perfect spot for partying, celebrating birthdays, and have a trip with your family and friends to craft some of beautiful memories of the Arabian Adventures.

Desert safari tours includes some mesmerizing activities that uplifts your soul with the joy like the Dune bashing on big red dunes, camel safari is yet another experience which you can get in the golden sand of Dubai. For bone chilling Arabian adventure you can ride an ATV Quad bike in the sand pit which is also known as four wheeler raptor bike. Sand boarding on high dunes makes you totally forget the city life.
ABA Tourism is Dubai’s most renowned desert safari tour operator which has handpicked highly experienced F1 Dune drivers; they can be hired on demand while booking the trips. These drivers have a clean record of desert driving , they can drive on big red dunes on extreme sports mode using specials skills like J-turns, making doughnuts on sand dunes.
Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai is one of the best Dubai Attractions as it offers you a chance to experience a luxurious ride on a traditional Arabian Dhow. When the sky turns dark and the moon appears, the city exhibits it’s architectural and traditional brilliance in a peculiar fashion on while cruising through the Persian Gulf. The Dhows were previously used for trading purposes and by pearl divers but now they provide a chance to the tourists to take a ride and experience the past and present of the finest metropolis.
What makes Dinner Cruise Dubai creek the best part of Dubai Tourism is that you get all the luxuries on these boats. Riding through the brightly lit city, you’re offered delicious and mouthwatering foods. Here you can have the best time to just sit and watch the beautifully crafted buildings with your loved ones. The tour operators of Dhow Cruise Dubai also provide the facility to arrange private events and you can arrange birthday parties or arrange a party for your friends and family.
Dubai Desert Safari – 2019 All you need To know Before you go

Dubai Desert Safaris is one of the major tourist attractions of Dubai and several tour operators provide different packages to give you a thrilling ride through the golden sand dunes of the Arabian deserts. Riding in a 4×4 off road land cruiser is an experience worth trying up and down on soft sand dunes.

Arabian Adventures in The Desert:

Adding to that you get chance to enjoy the highly trending activities in Dubai as you can ride a camel, drive a dune buggy and enjoy the delicious Arabian BBQ dinner in the Bedouin camps of Dubai Safari. Some brilliant belly dance performers make the crowd go wild with their amazing dance moves on the Arabic music. You can choose from Morning, Evening and Overnight desert safari. With overnight desert safari, it is a great experience to just gaze at the stars in the deep blue sky in the serenity of the desert as it wears off all your worries and makes you feel relaxed.

There are also shops where you can buy Traditional Arabian to match the traditional theme of Arabs. With evening Desert safari, you get a chance to spectate the beautiful sunset in the red dunes of Dubai as the golden desert looks just magical as the sun sets into those dunes. Snowboarding is also one of the inclusions, and is quite thrilling.

Desert safari tours

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