Travel Artists 2 showcases Italian Art

Travel Artists 2 showcases Italian ArtThe Secolo Art Gallery in Dubai is dedicated to showcasing Italian artistic products. The latest effort was the “Artisti in Viaggio 2” (Travel Artists 2) exhibition that allowed a number of Italian artists to present their talent and works in the UAE. Many of the painters were actually displaying their works in the Emirates for the very first time.

The exhibition was held from 3 to 28 February  at the Hilton Sharjah in Dubai under the patronage of the Sawaed Al-Khair Charity Foundation. Dubai Blog was media partner of the event.

The artists were all able to show their different take on art. Silvia Gatti, a versatile artist, showcased her works made of common objects and monochromatic aggregations. Buttons , zippers, Keys, padlocks are often found in her creations where everyday objects take on different meanings.

On the opposite end, Valeria Franchi with a career in design and fabric painting celebrates colors in all her works in which she experiments various techniques based on Abstract Expressionism.

Self though artist with a degree in Nursing, Lisa Burelli is also devoted to the use of color and her creations represent her studies and application of rules of the Feng Shui’s rules and Chrometherapy. Beyond the materials used, her art strives to broadcast a positive message and delivers an invitation to look at life and future with hope.

With a career in Administration at the Commune of Rome, Valentina Misirocchi has always been nursing her passion in art, drawing and painting. In the past 15 years she has participated to several courses and workshops by artists Marinella Letico and Ugo Bevilacqua.

Still enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, young artist Michele Bellini is studying Decoration, Painting and Sculpture and prefers realism and figurative paintings; he concentrates especially on portraits where viewers can see the influence of his in depth studies of portraiture of the late ‘800 and the beginning ‘900 century.

Travel Artists 2 showcases Italian Art

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