To work as a Personal Trainer in Dubai

Personal trainer is a highly qualified profession in the nutritional and sport sector who possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective fitness programs. Trainers instruct and assist people in reaching health and fitness goals on the basis of customer’s needs.

They are not dieticians/nutritionists. However, they have the knowledge of the basic nutrition principles to give the best advices to their customers on healthy lifestyles and motivate them in the planned physical activity.
Good Personal Trainers, a part from their titles and merits, should satisfy the client requests in order to reach the objectives and desired results in a safe way.

Health and Fitness is a big industry which has seen, in the recent years a huge development. According to the latest estimates, the global market for the fitness equipment has been growing and it is of about 80 billion of US dollars ( source).
The Personal Trainer profession is particularly requested in Dubai and is very interesting.

Dubai lifestyle is made up of irregular schedules, poor dietary and exercise habits, lots of things to do and little time for completing all of them, the possibility to get different services, without becoming tired (valet parking, shopping home delivery).
Although the majority of the brand new buildings have a swimming pool and a gym, the presence of a Personal Trainer is very useful, especially where there is no self-discipline. These conditions are perfect for the entrepreneur with the skills and qualifications in the fitness industry.

Expats in Dubai want a personal trainer who would go to them, whenever and wherever they want.
To become a Personal Trainer, it is not enough to be a sport lover or careful with the physical shape. One needs to follow a path in order to get the technical qualifications and the necessary authorizations to practice the profession.
Dubai offers different possibilities to Personal Trainers, some of which are the following:

  • Opening an office or a gym, which is a costly option;
  • Getting a freelance licence in Dubai Free Zone, which is the most convenient solution. However, working as a freelance would not allow the professional to hire any staff.
  • Setting up a sport consulting firm in Dubai Free Zone

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