There is something magical in the wellness’s world in Dubai

There is something magical in the wellness’s world

How many people are suffering today in Dubai due to stress related to their jobs, for being overweight, for depression, anxiety, sadness, and for being homesick….?

I can relate to this because it has happened to me.

It was few years ago.

I was studying at University, I was away from home and  sleeping in a catholic college. Slowly, I started to stay always on my own in my bedroom, studying for my exams and eating to somehow help me forget my fears and my sense of inadequacy. Studying, eating junk food and loneliness.  This became my life.

.One day, I realized that I was still too young and my life too precious to allow all that suffering and I reacted.

First I tried to go to a dietician who gave me a diet to follow. Nothing happened, I was hungrier and even more upset than before.

So I tried to go to a psychologist who gave me some tablets. Nothing happened. I was just sleeping all the time like a zombie and was becoming even fatter.

Then a good friend of mine pushed me to go to the gym. “Sign up with me! You will be surprised.”

I had nothing to lose, so I did.

I still remember my first work out…. I was fat, every single exercise was tough, but I decided that this time I was not going to give up and I made a plan: 1hour every day at the gym, as a break between one lesson at university and my homework. “Let’s see what’s going to happen” I thought.

Well…. what happened was magic ….true magic.

Step by step I started to be happy to go to the gym. It was my place, a place where I could relax, chat with new friends, sweat and forget the fears I still had inside.

Then my body started to change. First my legs became lighter, then my stomach became finer ….It was AMAZING. I was fit again, without too much thinking, without suffering, without impossible diets. I was just eating healthy – and not because I was pushing myself – it all came in a natural way. I was really enjoying fresh and natural low fat food.


One day, about 6 months later, I woke up and I realized there was a new me: I was happy again, enjoying life, I was fit, my eyes were smiling at people, and I was a proud member of my fitness club.

From then on, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I always find the time to go to the gym, I need it. I love it. It helps me to withstand the stress, to relax and make new friends.

But the story didn’t end there…

I was still at university and observing my surroundings  I saw that many other students were suffering because of my same problem. I understood then that my life should take another direction.

I switched studies and I got fitness and nutrition specialist certificates.

That was what I wanted to be….A fitness instructor and a personal trainer

Later on I began to travel. That magic feeling followed me everywhere.  I did carry on my passion of helping people with my training and my fitness lessons. . And all this was making me happy too.
I have been an instructor in Kenya, Greece, Bahrain, Kuwait… and now finally in Dubai.
And when I came to Dubai I realized something else.

Here is the final decisive step.
As trainer I used almost all the gyms in the residential towers and fitness clubs of Dubai. and as the Italian that I am, I was always looking for “made in Italy” fitness equipment

.Actually, I realized that there are no companies that provide Italian equipment at the moment in Dubai. There was only one Italian brand but from few years it moved the factory out of Italy and they are no longer “made in Italy”
I made then the decision to bring here the best fitness equipment 100% made in Italy. Here I began my new challenge.

I truly believe in Italian quality …it is all about deep roots and style.

The treadmill is my best friend. It listens to me, it supports me, and sometime we fight. But it is always there for me, without judging nor complaining.

I like cross training a lot, because I can “run without running”. It is a little bit like flying.

I can read an entire book cycling. And my mind dreams the sea and adventures when I row.

Lifting the dumbbells makes me feel stronger, and stretching on the flexibility benches help me recover properly.

This is why I chose to work in the wellness industry. My job it is not only a job for me. It is my way to bring to the people that sense of magic, that MAGICAL THING that I discovered be so incredibly helpful, so incredibly unique, so…Unbelievable and so special.

I don’t know….. I can’t explain it better, I only suggest you to try, to give yourself a chance: choose the right fitness equipment suitable  to your needs and start your fitness adventure. I am sure you will feel that sense of magic, that magical thing.


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