The underwater world of Fujairah

Fujairah is an Emirate located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. It is characterised by a mountain landscape. Agriculture and fishery have been the traditional main activities for a very long time, although nowadays the economy is based on different fundamentals.

During the past decades, thanks to the improvement of the road network and communications of this Emirate, the underwater world has been a tourist attraction especially for divers who want to see the beauties of this natural environment.

Those who love tropical seas and all sorts of incredible creatures living under water such as strange-looking fish, brightly-coloured or even poisonous ones, corals and starfish, should not miss this reading the book: The Underwater world of Fujairah”.
This book aims at introducing you in the attractions of underwater world of this Emirate.

It has an elegant black paperback cover with a dust-jacket, and it contains magnificent illustrations of the most important fishes and all kind of underwater life. The pictures are of an excellent quality, considering that have been taken in the underwater environment and therefore in extreme conditions and are very sharp and bright in colour.

Going through the entire book, the reader will get acquainted to the most important species of fish of the Emirate, including also the other forms of life such as sea stars and corals. The photos are so realistic that the reader will get the impression that is actually diving into the sea and admiring gorgeous creatures living underwater.

Its publication has been possible thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Mohammed Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, who intends to share information about the richness of Fujairah underwater.

In the book introduction, His Highness expresses his concerns about the fragility of this ecosystem that can be easily damaged by human beings and about the future of this environment. He strongly urges for protecting this precious environment by keeping it as clean and healthy as possible for the next generations to enjoy.

The book is divided into six parts: sharks and rays, fishes, moray eels, corals and starfish, nudibranchs, critters of the sea.

In the first part, His Highness considers sharks and rays as gracious emperors of the oceans and not enemies of man. It is a good sign that such creatures still survive in Fujairah, since there is no fish industry that catches sharks. Sharks are not to be considered enemies of the humans but it is true the opposite.

In the second part are presented the most common kind of fish living underwater and explained how to distinguish the different species, the male from female, the spots in which they live and where they can be seen, their habits such as the camouflage or secretion of some poison to keep away their enemies or the preferred place where they hide.

The sharp and bright illustrations and the notes and captions in each page of this book, are a precious guide for the classification and recognition of underwater creatures.

Special attention has been given to small fish species living only in the Arabian waters and in particular in Fujairah such as the reticulated leather jacket that can be seen in different diving spots, especially those with sandy beds and also on top of wrecks.

For other small creatures such as scorpion fish, it is quite difficult to see them under water because of their ability to camouflage. They can live in depths ranging from 1 to 40 metres. The tassled scorpionfish is carnivorous and usually sit on stone waiting for smaller fish.

Other small fish, such as goatfish, that contribute to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and live mainly in muddy or sandy habitats, are found mainly close to coral reefs.

Goatfish are characterised by a pair of chin barbels, which contain chemosensory organs and are used to probe the sand or holes in the reef for food. They feed on invertebrates living in the lowest part of the water (benthic zone), by stirring the sand with their barbels.

There are other smaller spices of fish such as pipefish which are quite similar to seahorses. These nice and funny creatures have been reported as friendly and sociable to humans which make it easy to take photos of them when they swim nearby.

The most beautiful fishes contemplated in this book are the Arabian angelfish which live exclusively in the Arabian waters and can be seen easily in Fujairah, and the emperor angelfish which is distinguished for its dynamic and bright colours.

The fourth part of the book focuses on the importance of coral reefs and the risk they are exposed to due to pollution, increase of water temperatures and incorrect human activities.

In the remaining parts of this nice book the reader can get acquainted with other species of water creatures such as crab, lobster, prawns, shrimps, sea shells, cuttlefish, jelly fish and get amazed by the nice pictures attached.

In conclusion, this book shows with its magnificent collection of photos and rich information about sea life in Fujairah, the beauty and incredible biodiversity of sea life there. This book is a must- read for all divers and sea-lovers.

The underwater world of Fujairah






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