The Underwater World of Fujairah (backstage)

Recently our author Vito, wrote a great review of the book “The Underwater world of Fujairah”; well this article gave me the idea to get in touch with the photographer of the book, Werner Thiele to get some more information about the project itself. 

It was in November 2011, when a good friend, wo at that time worked in UAE, called me and told me Sheikh Mohammed is interested in producing a book about Fujairah’s underwater treasures. I was thrilled and excited and only 3 weeks later we started doing the images – we stayed 1½ weeks in Fujairah and did like 7h a day underwater work. This was when I also first time met H.R.H. Sheikh Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Fujairah. I even guided him one of these days doing his first night dive ever. In 2012 we returned for another 5 days to shoot what we had been missing to finalize the book. During all this time I was lucky enough to meet Sheikh Mohammed various times and I even was honored to travel with him – one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. He is an outstanding personality and I deeply admire him. Unfortunately after the project was finished my friend who was like the “middle man” in UAE left the country and so I also lost contact with Sheikh Mohammed. But whenever I look at this book, I happily think back about doing these images in the beautiful waters of Fujairah and having met and talked to the crown prince so many times.


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Werner Thiele

Nationality: AUSTRIA
Residence: TYROL
Born: 1966-10-13

The Underwater World of Fujairah (backstage)

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