The UAE Market for Christmas Trees: A new business opportunity?

Christmas trees are an important part of the winter holiday, and it’s a growing market.

Some Brits and Canadians living and working in the emirate as consultants are promoting trade with tree farmers back home, such as in Nova Scotia, “the Christmas tree growing capital of the world,” to bring real trees in the UAE.

Why real trees? For one, the Christmas Tree scent; people enjoy the smells of a fresh Pine or Fraser Fir tree  that are definitely more appealing than those of artificial, plastic trees. As mentioned by The National, the demand is booming and some entrepreneurs are making the most out of this trend.

Nothing makes a festive season better than having a real Christmas tree, notes that has also attended the Dubai Winter Festival ( with a stand showing off their fantastic trees and taking orders for delivery.

Christmas tree shopping is normally done by placing an order online and then awaiting delivery. Some available sites that bring fresh Christmas Trees to the UAE are and

Things, however, could soon change. The idea of establishing Christmas tree farms in the UAE across the region is now taking place.

Agriculture in the UAE makes sense with reclamation of natural water systems or utilizing the residual moisture in the soil from the rainy season (a “dry farming” technique) for tree planting in a dessert climate on dryland; desert greening projects that are using alternative water resources such as treated wastewater and saline water in agriculture, as well as regeneration of salty, polluted, or degenerated soils in addition to underground water resources in the plantation of trees in the region, are some practical solutions to overcome the agricultural water shortage problem and  make farming possible.

Agricultural engineers at the ministry explain how Christmas tree farming is an opportunity for people interested in setting up or growing their business where there’s good income for years to come.

The UAE Ministry’s headquarters in Dubai has already begun to explore the future of farming in the country and focused on vast opportunities for growth domestically of crops. Currently, this is under experimentation but could one day become a reality.

Obviously, it will take some serious investment which could be hard to secure locally, apart from the set-up, importation, labor and visas in order to make tree faming come to life. However, Christmas tree farming could be a profitable activity in the future and should be explored.

The UAE Market for Christmas Trees: A new business opportunity?

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