The Museum Group is a witness of Dubai traditions

In many when they think of Dubai, they see only skyscrapers, huge shopping centres, and luxury resorts with nice sandy beaches. All fake in short words, then! But what distinguishes a “real” building from a “fake” …?
And in any case is it really true that the United Arab Emirates do not have a tradition? We tried to give an answer by visiting the recently inaugurated museum in the old part of the city, where you can take a leap into the past.

The museum has all sorts of findings such as rare manuscripts, weapons, carpets, books here illustrated and moreover is set in an ancient palace, complete with majlis, the Arab equivalent of our living room.
The building is an Arabian architectural masterpiece in its own right dating to the 19th century and is part of Bur Dubai’s Shindagha Heritage village area.

The Crossroads of Civilization Museum (CCM), opened its doors on January 27th, 2014. Inside its premises you can admire the personal collection of historic artefacts and armoury of Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori.
CCM has now grown into a group of three museums: Crossroads of Civilizations Museum, Rare Books, Manuscripts & Prints Museum, and The Armory Museum.
The three museums are now referred to as The Museum Group. It illustrates specific aspects of each civilization that has a historical connection with the region and shows findings from the various civilizations that have passed through the region.

Its artefacts reflect the diversity and tolerance of cultures, beliefs and religions showing how Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), from its ancient centre on the Creek, have been a crossroads of global trade routes and cultural exchanges between Europe, Africa and Asia, since long.
The Museum makes clear the dynamism of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and shows how the development of this region is linked to the historical interaction between world travellers, traders and Bedouins.

The key message that the Museum intends to express, is that human tolerance of diversity, and multiculturalism, in all its forms enables creativity and human development. It sends a positive message of hope to future generations.  It is also to be underlined that tolerance and mutual respect are the historical values merged as a result of trading and interaction between past civilizations.
Therefore, the success of the current vision, multiculturalism, plurality, and progress in Dubai, are a testament to the ancient culture that welcomed all civilizations to settle or to travel through its city.

Dubai Museum

Old Manuscript

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