The Magazine ‘Ospitalita Italiana’ Goes Online; New Edition is Readily Available Today

The Magazine ‘Ospitalita Italiana’ Goes Online; New Edition is Readily Available TodayThe Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAEIICUAE (Camera di Commercio Italiana negli EAU), a non-profit organization established in 1999 in Sharjah, one of the states of the United Arab Emirates, is playing an active role in organizing trade; the organization just announced a new edition of Ospitalita’ Italiana that is now available online. It is the only magazine dedicated to Italian food in the Gulf.

The online magazine dedicated to Italian-UAE Hospitality and Food Service is supported by the Italian Trade Commission, and it serves as a source of crucial information regarding Italian restaurants in the UAE, in addition to inbound trade; it can inspire Italian companies to develop their business in the UAE. Other than providing the latest news from the Italian agricultural markets and promoting the ‘Made in Italy’ to the world at large, the magazine also recognizes the authenticity of the Italian restaurants in the UAE.

“Ospitalità Italiana” reinforces the strong relationships that IICUAE has cultivated over the years to promote the ‘Italian Lifestyle in the Emirates’. In addition to the promotion of the publication, there will be activities and events like ‘Taste of Italy’ and the Italian trade fair systems with companies exhibiting goods with the aim of developing markets and opportunities in the region.

The magazine with its selection of news articles related to the promotion of the Italian food industry will further promote the Italian heritage in the UAE for residents and visitors. This type of periodical that speaks of business, economy and culture of the two countries, in addition to news regarding the Italian companies operating in the emirate is sure to please current and attract new readers.

The Magazine issues can be found online at where they can be downloaded in .pdf format. Ospitalita’ Italiana will be also distributed at the Italy and UAE F&B trade during Gulfood, Sunday, 8th – Thursday, 12th February 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre venue. This annual food and hospitality show has exhibitors from 87 countries, including Italy; in fact, those from AEFI – Association of Italian Exhibition and Trade Fairs will be present. On the occasion of Gulfood Trade Show, food-related and business opportunities will be presented to attendees.

The Magazine ‘Ospitalita Italiana’ Goes Online; New Edition is Readily Available Today

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