The Little Prince in Emirati

Le Petit Prince is the most famous novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The English version of this book was published on 6 April 1943 in New York by Reynal & Hitchcock and translated from French by Katherine Woods.  Few days later it was published in the French original version. After the author’s death, it was published also in France by Gallimard, in 1945.

Under the idea of Nico de Corato “Abu Yasmina” and with the extraordinary support of Abdulla Al Kaabi it has been published for the first time in the Emirati dialect. The Emirati version has been presented in occasion of Abu Dhabi International book fair.

Abdulla Al Kaabi, is also the co-author with Nico de Corato and Hanan Al Fardan of the book Dialetto Emiratino, an Italian – Emirati phrasebook. While Abdulla and Hanan wrote the original English Emirati version “Spoken Emirati”.
Last year Nico de Corato released the Iraqi version of the Little Prince translated by A. Tawfiq, and also published by Tintenfass

The “Little Prince” is a very poetic story written in the form of a literary work for children. It deals with themes such as the meaning of life, love and friendship. Each book chapter speaks about the meeting that the protagonist has with different characters and on different planets. Each of these bizarre characters leaves the little prince amazed and bewildered by the strangeness of how “adults” are. “Adults” never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiring for children to always be there to give them explanations.

The work, both in its original language and in the various translations, is illustrated by a dozens of watercolours made by the novelist. These are simple and somewhat naïf drawings, which are as famous as the story, and were also used to create the book covers.
It is among the most famous and sold literary works of the twentieth century.

The novel is now available in over 300 languages, making it the most translated book in the world after the Bible and the Quran. The announcement of the achievement of the new record was given by the Foundation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry of Paris, which manages the author’s international rights upon the publishing of the hassaniya version, an Arabic dialect spoken in the Sahara of Morocco. It is estimated that over 200 million copies of the novel were sold in the world last year.

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 Little Prince Emirati


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