The Italian painter Paola Zannoni gets to Dubai, UAE

Paola Zannoni, Italian painter, was born in Campiglia Marittima, Livorno (Italy) a small but picturesque and suggestive medieval town in the heart of Tuscany, just a few miles away the Tirraenian coast. And since she was twenty she lived in this small place, studying and maturing that particular form and those particular colours that in future will appear in an amazing and unusual pictorial expression to receive so many consents in Italy and abroad, till reaching the most luxury city of the world: Dubai.

The Italian Artist Paola Zannoni gets to Dubai, UAE

Paola Zannoni’s painting appears highly expressive in the subjective evaluation of colours and forms. It’s the images that, spontaneously deformated, want to represent the manifold internal transformations of the modern man, sometimes suffering and frustrated by existential problems, sometimes excited and cleared by idyllic visions. This painting – very interesting and personal – makes curious and deeply moves, it will marvel and it will confuse both the profane and the connoisseur… because, generally it is not generated by reproducing real and concrete subjects, but it comes from visions and impressions that she herself only can feel, perhaps even without her own “self” being aware of it.
What astonishes in Zannoni’s picture is not only the arrogance of the image – sometimes represented monstrous and demoniac to denote a real strength of character – but it is also surprising how contrasts of colours are skilfully organized. Sometimes colours are numerous and well amalgamated, sometimes the colour is only one: but there are so many shades and tones to create a magic pleasure to the image thus transmitted, taking in the message of joy or of sadness, of discouragement or of satisfaction sent by that colour to us as if it was a well known music. And if it is not enough the transposition on canvas of depth and purity of human contents in a way that only this painter may represent so originally, she herself may create beautiful floral motives on fabric or linen for scarves and foulards, for lampshades and draperies, for tableclothes and dresses.


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