The Great Trail of the Draa Valley GTVD 2017

The GTVD is the great trail of the Draa Valley, organized by Lhoucine Akhdar, native son, his family and his organizing team. A friendly event that has developed over a year with such sights: to discover the scenic beauty of this valley. This trail includes several nationalities: Swiss, French, one of the Reunion Island, and Moroccans. With over 12 riders, Adventure Trail Reims came in droves!

This 117.1 km race in four steps, was made possible by combining “the trailers Atlas” to promote and encourage sports of nature, to respect the environment and to value the culture and rich landscape of Morocco! Its president Ismail Akhdar was able to conduct appropriate actions!

The province of Zagora was in the spotlight from 12 to 19 November. It all started for some riders Ouarzazate, other Marrakech and local onsite Zagora. Transfer to everyone in the camp of Erg Lihoudi Sunday 12th November. A home for all in his folklore of Targounite, in the dunes. Everyone’s welcome chech around the neck discovered Bivouac Caravan South.

Monday, November 13: Day shot marks!

Control of required equipment, distribution of bibs, first briefing runners and implementation of the staff: waltz of the medical certificate, safety pins, whistle mixed with the blanket, sleeping bag and hat! Already the mood is set fair and everyone feels comfortable. It must be said that the traditional Moroccan tea embellish the hearts!

Tuesday, November 14: Tick tock tick tock!

In light of the rising sun on the side of the dunes, the bivouac wakes and coil runners mingled at breakfast. Each prepare and organize his bag, knowing that the race takes place in semi-autonomy. Program: 31,8km from 8.30am. Timing is respected in music. Race along a dried up river along the dunes, dunes estate amid the tamarisk and again at the end of Wadi Draa and Cp1 10km tends bottles of water sports! And we go for the small dunes of Ras Nkhal for an entry in a palm grove and first village Ksar m’hamid. CP2 and through the village of Znaga. The riders smiling, happy to be there … and blown away by the scenery and the markup!

Wednesday, November 15: 35.7 km

Some bodies are a little sore, but the enthusiasm and desire of our athletes are not affected! Our valiant 28 riders are always the RDV on this starting line for the second stage varied! Everyone will start on a tray of pebbles purposes, dunes, a river crossing and CP1 to 10,4km. The scenery is beautiful. And the arrival at the foot of Jebel Bani is equally important. CP 3 and for the last 10 kilometres, the mountain takes its course and the arrival in Dginia collar with a breath-taking view of the tray Elfaija breath-taking in more ways than one! The stony descent to the bivouac is breath-taking! The joke of the day: the bags of sandwiches ready for the day with their egg … were filled with a raw egg and I paid the price wanting to eat in the 4×4!

Thursday, November 16: 31.6 km

Still the same enthusiasm at 8.30am under the banner “The Big Trail of the Draa Valley,” and this blow to 31,6km. Finally, not much less than the day before! Strong start for some of the riders, nearly 13kms, cross the wadi El Faija completely dry. Oued / palm groves, villages, to charm the legs, but also the eyes. A road crossing and a steering djebel to achieve a neck, the neck Iguido in a hilly and rocky terrain. At the top, a beautiful sandy downhill with the flags of the finish in sight! The bivouac of Tizi expects his riders!

Friday, November 17th: 18 km

Last step and a little nostalgia wind and emotion is felt. Some faces are drawn, but the smiles are still there. 18 small kilometres separate these valiant athletes of their challenge: almost 120 km in 4 steps! Ouiiiii! The landscapes retain their charm: wadi villages dunes. Tamazirt and gardens. Some sand and the last kilometer anointed her nose with the flags and the banner that await the riders. Along the right bank of the Oued Draa, music and atmosphere attract recent strides. And victory lhoucine organizer awarding the medal around the neck!

The first three classified in this edition of GTVD are here!

  1. Rachid Elmorabity
  2. Hamid Yachou
  3. Aziz Yacho

After the award ceremony great moment of conviviality, sharing and happiness! A nice prize, a great meal, a late dancing party!

GTVD event has been a fantastic adventure for all the participants, rich in emotions, sharing and giving the opportunity to discover the desert with its dunes, rocky terrains, palm groves and villages.

A special thanks to the entire organization that has created the conditions for the success of GTDV.

Appointment next year from 17 to 25 November 2018!

GTVD Morocco

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