The Fat Bike Trend in the UAE

It’s now happening, the new movement in the UAE is steadily turning into a full-fledged craze – the fat bike.

If you love to mountain bike, then you may also enjoy a cycle designed for the dunes. A Fat Tire Bike is suitable for cycling on sand outside Dubai and at the dunes in Abu Dhabi.

Cycling groups in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and people of all ages throughout these regions are using these bikes to move around and have fun doing so.

Fatbikes are versatile all terrain mountain-bikes with over-sized tires that allow cyclists to explore rugged landscapes, in addition to riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow and sand. Only extra-wide bicycle tires can make it over these grounds with ease.

Of course, it is rare to see snowfalls in the region; in the past (2009), the Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah has been known to have snow in the winter (from October to March). A blanket of snow is an extraordinary phenomenon for the desert Gulf country, but it can happen.

Those keen on taking the customized bikes for a spin have the option to ride them at a few lodgings that offer fat biking as a guest activity. Trained guides can accompany riders on their journey to discover the stunning Arabian desert, if they desire. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, a luxury Abu Dhabi resort resembling an entrancing desert oasis, for one, offers fat biking in the UAE desert.

Alternatively, you can also hire the bikes at rental places. Fat biking on the dunes is a great workout for anyone.

Touring the deserts on fat tire bike offers loads of fun and presents a distinctive cycling experience unlike any other in the sand dunes, desert beaches or shorelines. Therefore, why not give sand dune cycling a go? You are bound to love Sand Biking!

Fat bikes can also be used for riding around town. They basically allow you to–quite literally–ride anywhere. Perhaps you too will fall in love with a fat bike!

With almost twice the size of their original counterpart, the mountain bike (MTB), the fat tire bike offers many advantages over the MTB over the sand and through the snow. Riding them offers an amazing feeling of freeriding and that is why big tires are gaining in popularity and have become a growing market segment. People can expect more fat bikes in the coming months at cycle stores.

Today there are a number of fat bikes on the market from a variety of manufactured brands. Soon, you too may be pedaling around UAE on these silly-looking, but very necessary cycles that are suitable for all sorts of obstacles and terrains.

They do not come cheap, but a fatbike offers a unique activity in a special place! A purpose built fun machine meant to be ridden in the UAE.

Within Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are many fat bike dealers. Aside from the local retailers in the UAE, fatbikes are also easily available online.

The Fat Bike Trend in the UAE

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