The electric bus that picks you up at home like a taxi

Pretty soon, an electric bus will be introduced in Dubai. This special bus, is composed of modular units which can be assembled and disassembled. This bus has been invented by Tommaso Gecchelin and is the fruit of Italian engineering. The bus is fully electrically powered and it has been designed in Padova, where it will also be operational by the end of this year.
The inventor Tommaso Gecchelin said, “The idea was the topic of my graduation thesis at IUAV University. The bus is composed of single units which can be joined and disassembled during a journey. When you need a transport, you have just to call a unit with an app in your smartphone. The unit will arrive at your home to pick you up just like a taxi”.

The company Next Future Transportation, founded by Gecchelin, worked on the design of this fully autonomous driving vehicle, which will be introduced at Expo 2020 in Dubai, a city that immediately showed interest in the project.
The electric vehicle destined to revolutionize the traditional approach to public transport, will be equipped not only with cabins, chairs and standing places, but also with fully interconnected bar corners, bathrooms and tables.
The cabs of the buses can be released and hooked from time to time based on the flows calculated by an algorithm that collects in real time the destinations requested by the users.

Thanks to the especially-designed, the bus can reach anywhere in the city. It can transport passengers to their destinations. After some passengers have got off the bus upon reaching their destination, the corresponding unit will disengage, leaving the other units hooked to drive the remaining passengers to the destination.
This bus has been chosen not only by the city of Dubai on the occasion of EXPO 2020, but also by other big Asian cities which have placed an order for this innovative bus.


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