The Do’s and Don’ts for UAE Citizens Visiting Europe

The Do's and Don'ts for UAE Citizens Visiting EuropeTravelling to Europe can be quit an interesting and breath taking experience. For UAE citizens wishing to experience the unique European hospitality it is of outmost important for them to learn and study the culture of the specific European countries they wish to visit.
Listed below are some selected European countries and some common do’s and don’ts while visiting them to make your travel enjoyable.

1. The United Kingdom
In the UK, it is deemed to be extremely rude and a taboo to show a V-sign with your palm facing inwards.

A. The DO’s
1. Be reserved and say hello when meeting someone for the first time especially use a firm handshake.
2. Learn the native people’s culture
3. Bring a gift when being hosted by a person at his or her home. This could be flowers, a bottle of wine etc.
4. Maintain good table manner when in the restaurant. Use your left hand for the fork and the right for the knife.
5. Stand on the right hand side of the escalator so others can pass to the left

B. The don’ts
1. Don’t use first names unless asked. Sir is only used for those who have been knighted.
2. While in public do not talk very loudly
3. Do not litter the streets
4. Never pick your nose in public
5. Try not to greet people with a kiss since this is reserved for relatives and friends only.

2. France.
In France it is a rude gesture to make a fist with your hand and slap the top of it with the other hand.

A. The do’s
1. Learn some few French phrases and the people’s culture
2. Keep your hands on the table while eating out and place a napkin on your lap
3. Dress well since the French have a fashion culture
4. Make a point of shopping while in French since they consider this as hospitality and never forget to say hello and goodbye in French of course
5. Have loose change because you have to pay for mostly everything

B. The don’ts
1. Never start a conversation with a Frenchman in another language because the French takes pride in their language.
2. Do not shake hands when a kiss is needed.
3. The French take their lunch breaks seriously so if you have to eat do it before noon or after 2 pm.
4. Never harass a cafe attendant while ordering coffee
5. Do not sit with your legs spread apart as this is considered impolite.

C. Spain
The Spaniards largely respect their elders and aggression towards them is not tolerated.

A. The do’s
1. Shake hands with everyone.
2. be ready to be a passive smoker
3. Dress with style and wear accessories too.
4. Never leave your valuables in the hotel room but with the hotel safe and always carry you money with you.
5. Learn to be patient. The Spaniards are usually not in a hurry

B. The don’ts
1. Never complain about the smokers
2. Do not wear any shorts in public
3. Never walk alone at night especially when drunk
4. Do not eat with your bare hands
5. Never get involved in drugs

Different European countrieshave different and diverse cultures and a visitor is advised to do a little back ground check of his tour destination.

Tourist travelling to the U.S will require ESTA authorization for those getting in by air and sea. ESTA stands for an Electronic system for travel authorization which is filled on line for visitors to get entry into the U.S
The Do's and Don'ts for UAE Citizens Visiting Europe

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