The Diving Community is Growing in the UAE, Says Nico de Corato

There is growing diving community in the UAE, says Nico de CoratoDive master Nico is well known in the UAE dive community. He can be seen in the Divers magazine by EDA. As a member of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA), Nico is involved with a local diving community. He recently attended the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) for 2015 as a one of the Marine Talks guest speakers; being also part of the Bergamo Scuba Angels, Nico gave a lecture on what it is like to become a heli-rescue swimmer. He also spoke about his diving adventures.

Nico says recreational diving in the gulf is on the rise with more people desiring to take the plunge in clear water that is sea life plentiful. He recommends to be “certified” before taking that big plunge in a diving adventure. After all, safety should always come first. Nico agrees, saying not to underestimate physical and mental training in scuba diving; he earned his certification (PADI Open Water) then pursued an advanced course, which helped him to become the Rescue Diver he is today.

Nico also explains the importance of BLS (Basic Life Support), PTC (Pre Trauma Care), and so on, in water rescue activities. He opted to join a diving team dedicated to rescue operations in Italy. When he is not involved in rescue missions, he can be seen submerged underwater using his Nikon camera with NiMar housing & lights exploring a new world capturing footage of the abundance of marine life, both in Italy and Dubai.

Scuba divers looking to earn a PADI open water certification can find details at the official site As part of the training, one learns the necessary dive skills, knowledge and equipment before diving. One such place that offers a full scuba certification course is at Al Mahara Diving Center, a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Alternatively, there is the Al Khoor Marine Diving Center, Sharjah, UAE, The Palms Dive Center, Dibba, Fujairah, UAE, or The Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai, UAE, to name a few more.

As a PADI Diver, the person has achieved the highest level of diving education; the program is intended to suite those seeking diving courses from open water to dive master. It caters to diving experiences for all levels, from beginner to experienced technical divers.

PADI courses encompass environmental awareness and protection philosophies, while mastering important safety concepts and skills of scuba diving. Clients are provided with recreational and professional diving training. Again, recreational diving is a growing activity, especially in the UAE (in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi); there are also exciting new commercial diver careers that provide excellent earning potential and job satisfaction for those interested too.

Those interested in exploring the underwater world will find Emirates Diving Association website ( offering discounts on PADI course & diving trips for members.  A membership registration also entitles to discounts on various diving items at dive centers throughout the UAE. What’s more, members are updated with issues concerning the UAE diving community through the EDA quarterly magazine.

EDA’s mission is “to conserve, protect and restore the UAE marine resources by empathizing and promoting the marine environment and environmental diving [in the Gulf region].” Much of its undertaking is featured within the magazine and/or its website where it covers all diving activities in the UAE and the environmental issues concerning the dive industry.

Lately, the Emirates Diving Association (EDA) took part in the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) 2015. EDA aimed to use the event as a platform to promote new diving destinations. The occasion allowed distribution of EDA’s quarterly magazine ‘Divers for the environment’ that was handed out to attendees. This magazine (available for download online) is intended for the active and growing diving community in the UAE.

As for diving areas within the UAE, there are plenty of natural marine habitats off Dubai and Abu Dhabi waters. Some of the regional dive center even offer diving equipment rental, as well as offer charters such as dive/boat trips in a private or sharing basis. One can also discover scuba diving by taking the plunge into the depths of a 10-million liter tank at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. A full set of equipment is included in the package.

There is growing diving community in the UAE, says Nico de Corato

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