The Deira Fish Market in Dubai, UAE

The Deira Fish Market in Dubai, UAEThe Deira Fish Market is not only the cheapest place in Dubai to buy fresh fish, but also an interesting and vibrant place to visit. Hundreds of traders offer a huge variety of seafood, caught locally and further afield: hammour, kanaad, sharri, zabedi, shrimps, crabs, giant jacks; also sharks & sting-rays.

The Deira Fish Market also boasts sections selling fresh and frozen meat (including camel meat, and always with the halal certification), fruit, grains, dates, and vegetables. Chopping fish services and carriers are also available.

Location: The Deira Fish Market is located on the Corniche Road in Deira, close to the Gold Souk and Al Shindagha Tunnel. The Palm Deira Metro Station (Green Line of the Dubai Metro) is the closest metro station; the Gold Souk Bus Station and Al Ras metro station (always on the Green Line) are also within walking distance.

There’s also a large public car park adjacent to the market. Light trucks parking are next to Haayt Regency. Make sure to park in public parking which is specified to customers and do not use truck’s parking, and vehicles carrying fish and food supplies to avoid fines. It is strictly forbidden to leave your own cars after 10pm. Trucks’ owners should load fish and food supplies in specified places.

Opening time: from Saturday to Friday 24 hours.
· Morning hour: from 6 am to 1:30pm
· Evening hour: from 4 pm to 11:00pm
· Auction hour (selling fish): from 10:30 to 8:00 and from 3:30 to 8:00

The Deira Fish Market in Dubai, UAEA fishermen heritage house in the Deira Fish Market attracts lots of tourists too, and meet many people and scientific fields to get to know on most important career to ancestor in the state.

License porters in the fish market should have Dubai Municipality cards and wear uniforms. Do not deal with porters and unlicensed fish chopper; the Municipality will not take responsibility in case dealing with unlicensed porter.

Porter prices:
· 1 hour 10 Dhs
· 2 hours 15 Dhs

How to choose fresh fish:
· The best and more safety method in buying fresh fish is to buy fish alive, but if you didn’t find one please follow

the following procedures:
· The general smell of marine animals specifically fish gives good indicators to its quality( stinky or rotten smell) indicates that the fish is not fresh and might be spoiled so stop buying them.

· When you buy any piece or slice of a fish you must check it from several ways.

· Good quality: meat is solid and the color is bright and transparent and the slice is kindly wet.

· Bad quality: meat is soft and elastic and the color is slightly white with signs of drought.

· You can identify fresh fish by looking on its eyes, so you can see it’s bright and glamorous and very clear not sunken or protrudes.

· You can identify most fresh fish by the color of its gills where the color is pinky (very fresh), then tends to redness then red then gray, where the stinky odor spread. In contrast “bory” fish (AlByah) and “AlNaqroor” when it rotten, the gills’s color turned into green.

· Fresh fish which comes to the market always have shiny color.

· When you press on the fresh fish’s meat you notice that the meat is solid and strong, where as spoiled fish is soft and by pressing on it, it will not get back to the way it was before (in balance way).

· Mostly fresh fish when you carry them by your hand it stands straight and when you hold the head of the fish tail will not bend except for big fish and sea serpent.

· Fish scales are strong and solid whereas spoiled fish (are not solid and quick to separates)

· Whereas the spoiled shrimps can only be recognized by smelling from the head producing stinky smell whereas the fresh one is without a smell.

· Not all frozen fish are always considered as a bad quality, sometimes frozen fish can keep its nutritional value and its natural flavor in condition of using it in rightful way after getting out of the water and until it preserved by freezing.

Fish safety is a must: in case of suspicions please contact the market management or contact on toll free (contact centre) 800900.

The Deira Fish Market in Dubai, UAE

Pictures by Massimo Ziino – photographer. All rights are reserved ©.

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