The 2016 XCAT World Series – season opener to be held in the UAE

The X-Cat Series, highly entertaining powerboat-racing, begins this week in the Gulf of Oman. The competition will take place in the UAE city of Fujairah from 7-8 April before heading cross-country to Dubai for Round 2 the following weekend, from 15-16 April.

UIM XCAT World Powerboat Series enthusiastic fans can expect more head-to-head battles with several of the team boats, in particular the Abu Dhabi and XDubai teams, fight for season opener win and, more importantly, the championship. We can surely expect, once again, dramatic head-to-head shootouts among these XCAT teams. Everyone is already ready for the Fujairah fight; the first race promises to be intense and exciting for the participants and onlookers.

The final preparation is being done on the boats for the opening round of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series, once again held off the Fujairah International Marine Sports Club.

The Abu Dhabi team with pilots Rashid Al-Tayer and Faleh Al-Mansoori head into first round of the series looking to boost their title challenge; the team was last year’s winner of the Fujairah Grand Prix and fell short of being the winning boat for the series overall. But do not count out the XDubai team of Nadir bin Hendi and Arif Al Zaffain who although did not finish last year’s race (and ended up with a DNF GP Result) had gone on to wrap up the 2015 UIM XCAT World Series.

Boats like the Swedish team of Swecat Racing that went on to claim the Best Team Marketing Award last year with a fifth position overall in the Series, in its XCAT debut in 2015, is sure to once again have impressive results this season and be very competitive. They enter the race with a revised boat and new engines that are piloted by young drivers to deliver its performance.

XCAT Racing each season is getting bigger and better among powerboat drivers from across the globe who are bound to take the sport at the next level over the next years with its organizers and promoters doing what it takes to ensure this brand of powerboat racing series succeeds.

The XCAT Racing 2016 Calendar promises a sensational season. The XCAT teams are ready and so is the WPAA along with the Sports Committee at Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) – Mina Seyahi (which means “Pleasure Harbour”) – that are looking forward to hosting the action and welcoming all the boats for the first leg of this year’s UIM XCAT World Series.

The season-opener of the XCAT Races for the 2016 in the UAE brings the finest of offshore powerboat racing; later, 7 GP events held at various venues with some new locations on the cards will complete the season.

As to what’s new in the XCAT series this year is additional safety tests of equipment for the crew. Representative of the UIM medical and safety committee Bob Wartinger told about more safety measures, such as better seats that hug and support the body better, superior seatbelts to hold pilots, and better about air systems inside the masks and full face helmets. All are upgrades that “will make a big difference to the safety aspect of this extreme sport,” said Wartinger. He adds, safety remains top priority in the sport of powerboating!

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The 2016 XCAT World Series - season opener to be held in the UAE

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