The 2015 Class 1/ V1 Powerboat Racing Schedule; opening round in Italy

The 2015 Class 1/ V1 Powerboat Racing Schedule; opening round in ItalyThe 2015 UIM Class 1 & V1 World Powerboat Championship is set to get underway this month. This year’s ClassOne World Powerboat Championship will still have events taking place in Italy and Abu Dhabi, two events worth following. These stages offer world-class racing and entertainment at its best for those that follow the sport.

Dubai’s Victory Team from the World of Class 1 category, overall winner of last season, is the most successful in the history of powerboat racing. Driver Arif Al Zaffain (UAE) and Throttleman Nadir Bin Hendi (UAE) are still the men to beat going into the first leg of the season to be held at Salerno, Italy, 8-9 July. It is sure to be a fascinating event in the Mediterranean Sea.

Enthusiastic Class 1 fans wonder if Team Victory will still overtake Team Abu Dhabi’s American driver Gary Ballough and Throttleman John Tomlinson. Let us not forget Driver Luca Fendi and Throttleman Giovanni Carpitella in LFF10.

So, will it be Italy, USA or UAE to take the exhilarating world of Class 1 season opener? The Victory Team is on a mission to earn its 15th World title. The crowned champions’ only challenge may well be the handling and performance of the boat. Class 1 Team Abu Dhabi and LFF10 hope for podium places.

As for the V1 powerboat action, it heads to its season opener (30 June/1 July) in Venezia/Rimini, Italy, while the second race will take place (8/9 July) in Salerno/Formia, Italy. The locals expect a good race from the Offshore Powerboat Team RG87 with Driver Giuseppe Schiano (Italy) and Throttleman Antonio Schiano (Italy) aboard. As well, they  are optimistic for a good finish from the Tommy Racing Team with Driver Stefano Bonanno (Italy) and Throttleman Maurizio Schepici in the competition going against challengers Team Bernico – New Star and Chaudron, to name a few of the stronger opponents in the race.

Dubai Blog is proud to support Tommy Racing Team Offshore Powerboat as digital media partner   hoping for great races throughout the season and especially in Italy and in the UAE for the final race of the UIM Class 1/ V1 Powerboat Racing season.

The racing calendar for the 2015 Class 1/ V1 season also includes a race to take place in Terracina for both C1/V1; yet, it is still to be confirmed. The final stage race is taking place in Abu Dhabi and is being held on the 9/13 November.

Be sure to follow DubaiBlog for more coverage of the powerboat racing championship, as the season gets underway for more news, results, standings and more.

The 2015 Class 1/ V1 Powerboat Racing Schedule; opening round in Italy

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