The 2015 Abu Dhabi Food Festival: What to Expect

The 2015 Abu Dhabi Food Festival: What to ExpectThe Abu Dhabi Food Festival will take place from February 5 to 21. During this time, both international and local chefs will be demonstrating their culinary skills and menus to suit every taste and appetite of residents, visitors and curious food bloggers. This festival allows people a chance to savor the very best of food from different countries at reasonable prices.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Food enthusiasts and whole family can treat themselves to a flavorful trip with cuisines from around the world. The event will also be promoting UAE recipes and locally grown ingredients. Therefore, to have a taste of some authentic cuisine of the region, stop on by the new Emirati Kitchen from February 5 – 7 that is set to serve up traditional food and offer a taste of Emirati culture.

Alternatively, those who seek gourmet enjoyment in perfect grandeur will want to be part of the Gourmet Festival (February 11 – 21). During this time, gourmet dinners are hosted by the Abu Dhabi’s top hotels. Gourmet dinners from a range of the UAE capital’s leading venues will tempt guests with their delicious sights, smells and flavors inside their restaurant areas.

In addition, there will be a Street Feast with different types of food to be served up by a caravan of food trucks. These roadside vehicles will offer some unique culinary creations. Yes, food trucks—a fast-growing trend that has become such a huge part of the dining culture in society today—now will offer Emirati cuisine to Abu Dhabi’s people on the street/sidewalk . The demand for mobile food that is prepared in advance and only finished and served in the caravan has been a hit, with people being immensely receptive to the idea.

Whether people are fond of Arabic food or prefer dishes of international cuisine, the capital’s developing food scene is sure to please diners’ expectations. Abu Dhabi’s own festival will bring together a host of food-themed events to highlight the Emirate’s emergence as a gastronomy destination. One can expect food and drink stalls, live cooking demonstrations, from local and visiting chefs, plus food competitions.

The inaugural “Taste of Abu Dhabi” food festival held last November was set up by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) and featured Michelin-star chefs and special guests who will be attending the citywide culinary celebration of Abu Dhabi Food Festival. For the entire duration of the festival, there is to be a full range of activations and promotions of Emirati cuisine – both traditional and modern. The setting gives people the chance to try types of food they have perhaps not come across before.

The 2015 Abu Dhabi Food Festival: What to Expect

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