Terramap ® Italian engineering company in Dubai

The GCC, especially Dubai and the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is one of the regions with highest growth and largest concentration of wealth, thanks to the presence of reserves of oil and gas. The UAE hold 10% of global oil reserves and 4% of natural gas, as well as being the residence of 12% of billionaires from all over the world. In this field, an Italian company, a consulting firm in engineering with a strong backgroung emerged: Terramap ®.
Terramap ® Italian engineering company in DubaiMarco Campi, General Manager of Terramap ® relies on the collaboration of engineers, geologists, architects and a team operating strictly selected. The early experience of the team started in Iraq in 1980 during the construction of 220MW, on behalf of the EIG Group. In following years the team has expanded and developed and improved their skills by working for some of the largest Italian companies: SNAM, SAIPEM, ABB, EDISON, Terna and other big company, but went on working in the Middle East. In 1998 Terramap ® has worked with these contractors in the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular, carrying out studies for the design in Petrochemical industry.

Terramap ® Italian engineering company in Dubai

Thermal Power Station 6x220MW – Channel Bridge (Iraq 1980-1985)

Terramap® is composed by a team of technicians having many years of experience which was acquired among the most important Italian engineering companies, in the field of design, installation and management of oil, petrochemical and manufacturing plants, power plants, transfer plants (transmission lines, oil, gas, water pipelines etc.), methane supply, solid fluids
treatment (depuration) plants; all of them are absolutely qualified to supply the best and affordable solution to any kind of industrial design, by a deep and complete investigation of the purposed site .
Thanks to an accurate selection of its own staff and to an adequate organization of every phase of the various project executions, Terramap® could supply professionally first-rate products within very short time, in any case shorter than average and with the most affordable price.

Terramap® engineers and technicians gathers more than fifteen years of experience in Italy and abroad in geodesy, territorial analysis, civil design and industrial constructions. Thanks to the various and different experiences in engineering service related to the designing of technological networks branch, our group might realize technical economic feasibility studies, general and peculiar projects, surveys and environmental reports and all what could be necessary to realize industrial plants in the energetic branch: electric power lines, oil pipe-line, gas pipe-lines and also
all the primary services such as: town-planning (streets, water main supplies, sewers) and all what concerns the civil, mechanical and basic electric projecting.

Terramap ® range of services


Terramap ® Italian engineering company in Dubai Base engineering

 Route-line scouting

 Ground survey

 Research among Public and Private Institute

 Cartography

 Flow-chart operative schemes

 Line-process calculations

 Data sheets and system packages elaborations

 Lay-out design

 Geometric and electrical design

 Piping support

 Mechanical, electrical and civil drawings

 Material research and supplying

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Terramap ® Italian engineering company in Dubai

Land Engineering – Geodesy – Surveying
Via Don B. Dacatra, 12/4 15067 Novi Ligure (AL) – ITALY
Tel. +39 0143 542109 – Fax: +39 0143 746170
Email address: terramap [at] libero.it>
Web: www [dot] terramap [dot] org

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