Sport Facts about the UAE

When it comes to athletic competitions and leisure activities, the sporting passions in the UAE is remarkable with many citizens eager to play or go to game matches as spectators. Sports as entertainment is growing thanks also to the impact of hosting major National and International Sports Events in UAE featuring top players. Participation is also on an all-time high in sports recreational activities that have encouraged fitness throughout society.

  • When it comes to sports entertainment, UAE’s Olympic fans are countless in numbers. In fact, the “Summer” Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this year (in September) shows that the leading international multi-sport event is the second most popular sporting event in the Emirates, affirms According to the site, “Olympic Games – the UAE’s second most popular sporting event” with the most watched events being football (53%), followed by tennis (44%), swimming (39%) and basketball (38%).
  • In March 2016, Dubai hosted the IPC Athletics Asia-Oceania Championships which involved Para athletes around the world that continued to finalize their preparations for September’s Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With UAE teams of both Olympians & Paralympians, locals are sure to tune in to cheer their athletes on in hopeful of medals, said UAE Olympic Committee, Yousuf Al Serkal.
  • Apart from the multiple recreational and competitive team sports where the seven emirates regularly compete in national leagues and cups, there has been an increasing effort in UAE to develop tourism with sporting activities where also fans can participate. The UAE National Sports Day is a good example with men, women and children of various nationalities brought together from Sports clubs, groups and schools to engage in athletics to practice, learn, train, or play. Matt Jones, a contributing writer for Sport360—a website with sports information in the Middle East—says “the UAE [has a] close relationship with the sports sector, with each of the seven emirates set to organize a sporting event on the day.” The National Sports Day is giving the opportunity for people of all abilities to enlist in some of the games for players of all skill levels and take part in sporting activities which is key to a healthy lifestyle. On the same note, the Abu Dhabi Education Council organized a mass sports day in February.

So, whatever your sport, join in the fun! National Sports Day is getting people to play a sport; the day which is promoting athletics, friendly sporting competition and a culture of sportsmanship, says the organizers (Dubai Sports Council). Saeed Hareb, secretary general of Dubai Sports Council, is to become an annual event and will be in the last week of November, just before National Day. (Source: All interested citizens of the UAE will need to sign up on the list of sports-related activities.

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