Shark Dive at Dubai Aquarium

Shark Dive at Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Mall Aquarium is a purposely built shark aquarium, with a capacity of 10 million litres of salt water, home to over 33,000 creatures from more than one hundred species. There are over 400 sharks and rays in the tank, including the world’s biggest collection of Sand Tiger sharks. Other shark species include black-tip and white-tip reef sharks, zebra sharks, wobbegongs, grey reefs and nurse sharks. There are also many ray species in the aquarium including cow-nose rays, fan-tails, eagle rays, leopard rays, shave-nose rays and bowmouth guitarfish. Other fish in the tank include tropical species such as napoleon wrasse, batfish, big-eye trevally, clown fish, faint grouper, giant trevally, moray eels, snappers and unicornfish.

The Dubai Aquarium offers certified divers the chance to have a recreational dive in the tank, getting up close with sharks, rays and other species,  coming face-to-face with them, always with a dive master and dive instructor supervising the dive, and assisting you throughout the experience. All equipment is provided (including towel and swimming wear if needed). A training presentation is given before the dive to prepare you for the specialist environment of the tank. The maximum depth of the tank is 11 metres and it’s kept at a constant temperature of 24 degrees C.

Divers going to apply for the Master SCUBA Diver certification, have also chance to attend the Dubai Aquarium Distinctive Specialty: a three-dive course consisting of a shark-dive orientation, photography dive and a shark identification dive during the shark feed. This distinctive specialty credits towards the Master SCUBA Diver certification. The course can be completed in one day or on different days, at your convenience.

If you are not a certified diver, you can have a discover SCUBA Diving experience directly in the Dubai Aquarium or – for those wishing to experience the shark tank without submerging under the water – you can also snorkel in the purpose-built cage.

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