Set up an Office in Dubai – Business Centre Option

Setting up an Office in Dubai - The myOffice Business Centre OptionAfter taking care of all legal and administrative issues to start up a new business in Dubai or UAE, companies are often burdened with the problem of finding suitable office space and setup all needed communication devices. In particular, if a company needs space to conduct business only for a short period of time, the task can seem even more daunting.

Dubai, however, is a city that caters to businesses too and offers services that can make setup a short-term or long-term office much simpler. Dubai-based business center myOffice, for example, offers an office environment/working culture for any organization. With reception and meeting room facilities for short-term office leasing to meet with external clients face to face, and equipping staff who require desk space with access to phone and internet services, it provides the right office space and area to conduct business.

Each site has professional staff readily available to assist with building the clients’ company presence. Whether the leaseholder is interested in setting up a business or needing an office or space to have a meeting room and/or conference place, there are professional consultants that give occupants comprehensive and local guidance, as well as the needed resources to support their business requirements at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to start your business in Dubai in a easy and cheap way, you can consider starting with a Free Zone License (Fujairah Creative Zone is one of the most convenient solution, since you don’t have to issue any share capital, you don’t have any mandatory book keeping, and other benefits) together with a flexi office solution, as the one mentioned here.

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Setting up an Office in Dubai - The myOffice Business Centre Option

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