Scuba Diver Salvages Lost Treasure

Scuba Diver Salvages Lost Treasure There is no doubt scuba diving can reveal wonders of the world beneath the waves. Exploring the underwater world looking for lost “treasure” on the ocean floor may not always unearth a centuries-old treasure chest filled with gold doubloons, but occasionally other valuables worth grabbing are found and taken ashore. This happens to be what underwater photographer John Ng, who was diving off the coast of the Maldives last month, did after noticing something stuck among the rocks and coral reef at the bottom of the ocean. He found a camera lodged inside a hole 18.5 meters (61 feet) under the surface of the water.

John Ng of Scuba Monster says he spotted “something weird inside the hole together with the rocks and corals”. He said it took him ten minutes to free the camera housing before being able to lift it and take it back to the boat where the rest of the Scuba Monster team from Hong Kong waited.

The camera was plagued by oxidation and corrosion caused by salt water, but Ng decided to bring it to the boat to have it examined. It was a good decision, as John was surprised to find that the Nauticam housing around the camera was still sealed, which prevented water to leak in and destroy it.

What was found was not ordinary marine litter, but an item accidentally lost that, Ng would soon learn, became a “treasure trove” of valuable fortune. What emerged from the ocean was a $1,500 Panasonic Lumix GH4, in a Nauticam underwater housing unit.

The camera and its Nauticam NA-GH4 turned out to be an item that was the property of another scuba diver; a Malaysian photographer said he lost the camera to strong currents back during his diving adventures in December 2014.

Upon finding out the camera was perfectly fine in the vacuum inside of the casing and realizing it is not only in good shape but also functional, Ng used the serial number on the housing to find the owner. In an interview with DIYP (, Joh conveyed the camera is now on its way to the owner.

It took John Hg, another diver with similar interests and hobbies to salvage the camera for the owner to continue his work.

One of the great benefits of scuba diving is that you never know what you are going to see or find. There is a wealth of treasure and divers have privileged access to the underwater world. Those that would like to learn to scuba dive or are already scuba divers looking to improve their diving techniques and skills can find courses and certification agencies. Specialty courses include knowledge to become an Open Water Diver, or be a PADI Digital Underwater Photographer. Such scuba certification courses let you experience diving from nearly anywhere and take the plunge into waters to explore the marine world, while using various equipment to capture the moment through snapshots.

Scuba Diver Salvages Lost Treasure

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