Saucony Half Marathon 2013 at the Emirates Hills in Dubai

Saucony Half Marathon 2013 at the Emirates Hills in DubaiThis morning it took place at the Emirates Hills, Dubai the Saucony Half Marathon 2013: a race in one of the most beautiful places in Dubai, a residential area with lots of greenery and some artificial lakes, not far from Dubai Marina. Departure and arrival were inside the Emirates Golf Club, a charming location, especially with the start time at 6 am, which gave us  chance to see the sunrise during the race .

Once out of the Emirates Golf, the race course went on through the villas in Emirates Hill, all around the lakes, and then back to the golf club up to the finish line. During the first and last +/- 1km of the route there were numerous speed humps on the road; then the route immediately after leaving, and again immediately before entering the Emirates Golf Club covers a short distance across sand: there were some obstacles not reported during the distance in the sand, while all along the lake, one of the sides of the path had a step to pay attention to avoid injury (but about that, the organization could not do much to keep the tranquility of the scenario). Dubai Marina has been the backdrop for the half marathon.

At the end of the race, a sumptuous breakfast for guests and athletes completed the event, which saw as winner an athlete Iranian, with a time of 1h11′.

Personally, I am happy of the race; since I started swimming and biking also, I gained more muscle mass, and so weight, and I have a training program not dedicated for running, so I dared not even hope to realize the same times as before (PB in training: 1h20′ x 20 km). I would have been happy to close in 1h:40′, but I had an estimated time of just under 2 hours. I closed the half marathon with a time of 2h01′, but well managing my energy, never stopping, never getting cramps, just a hint on the last km, but which didn’t stop me from shooting on the final 500 meters.

I splitter the race into 3 parts: the first 7 km ( particularly the first few miles) used as launch, the second ones used to push (perhaps a little bit too much) , the last 7 km run with the last energy, as I said with just a hint of cramps for the last km (hence the consideration I pushed a little bit too much) . In any case, I’m happy. See you at the next Aquathlon races.

Saucony Half Marathon 2013When Nicola posted his invitation to the Half Marathon I was immediately tempted but doubtful whether I was ready or not ….as my first and last Half Marathon was more than 11 years ago and at that time I had 2 kids less & 7/8 kilos less …
Actually, I was right! I was not really ready as my timing was not that brilliant (2h 39′) and after KM 15 my legs started feeling very hard, like logs….
However, I must say that I made it to reach the finish with a big smile and joyful  thanks to the fabulous atmosphere….
The set up, the landscape and the friendly neighbourhood of the Emirates Hills, the volunteers and unknown people cheering us and supporting us ….. All this was amazing!
Also there was a brilliant buffet but I just managed to a have a juice….I was just too tired!
Surely, I’ll recommend this Half Marathon and I am sure I’ll take part to it next year, too! …hopefully with a better timing!

Liesbeth, runner of the Saucony Half Marathon 2013

One thought on “Saucony Half Marathon 2013 at the Emirates Hills in Dubai

  • October 29, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    The run was great but the organizers could have done a better job with the signs where to run in the end 5 of us lost their way and we lost a lot of time because there was no signs where to run to!!! Which is to be honest a shame and unacceptable!!! Otherwise it was an awesome track and a good run.


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