Safest baby skin care products arrive in UAE

In recent years, childcare and early childhood development have become extremely important topics; baby care products are having great importance in daily life. Quality baby products and accessories are essential for an infant: soaps, shampoos, wipes, lotions and oil ensures the protection of the baby’s delicate skin.


Seeing the cosmos in the UAE market and potential demand a brand with years of heritage its back has introduced a product that is free from all the risks chemical products may and can cause to the skin of a baby.

DermoViva baby product line – landed in Dubai some months ago – is indeed an answer to the query and to the demand of harmless baby products as it is made of extra virgin olive oil. We had chance to test the product line thanks to the cooperation with Dabur International. DermoViva is free from all the chemicals especially the four most harmful ones, paraffin, parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

Usually baby toiletries contain parabens, this preservative protects the product but it is potentially harmful for the skin as delicate as a baby’s skin. Phthalates are found in personal care products such as skin lotion as it helps lotions lance and soften the skin, and makes scents last longer. Phthalates can cause indigestion to the baby. Paraffin oil is used in baby oils and creams it brings down the cost of production of baby product but increases chances of causing harmful effects to the baby. Finally, Sulphate is theoretically the most damaging ingredient in baby skincare products. It is found in baby shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, soaps, wet wipes, and many other things.

With DermoViva, Dabur has introduced a whole range of baby-care products, which nourishes skin of baby deeply and keep it smooth & protected with extra blimey of Olive Oil. Moreover, we all know that how useful olive oil is for skin, bones, and hair. Olive Oil is one of the fettle sources of indispensable nutrients. It contains Vitamin E, Polyphenols, and Phytosterols, which essential for nourishing sensitive skin. Olive Oil also contains oleic acid, which helps protect tender baby skin keeping it soft and supple. Since DermoViva is free from all these chemicals and it is rather full of olive oil’s goodness, therefore it is the safest baby care product

Safest baby skin care products arrive in UAE

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