Ramadan 2015 in Dubai

Ramadan 2015 – What it Means for Tourists and Residents of DubaiRamadan 2015 is expected to run from June 19th to July 17th. Described as the holy month, Ramadan, is sacred for people of the Islamic faith and the annual festival is marked with a daily fast from sunrise to sunset.

What to Expect in Dubai During Ramadan:

  • Dubai will be relatively free from its normal bustle during Ramadan; this makes it a good time to visit the cities most popular attractions.
  • Hotels and selected restaurants in shopping malls will have refreshments available during the day in areas that are enclosed behind curtains.
  • Non-muslims are not expected to fast during Ramadan but they are asked to be discreet – eating, smoking, drinking or chewing gum in public between sunrise and sunset may result in fines.
  • Public transport and taxis operate as normal throughout the month of Ramadan.
  • Bars are open after 8pm but clubs are closed throughout Ramadan as music is prohibited during the festival.
  • Dress codes are more conservative during Ramadan; men and women are required to wear clothing that is at least knee length and shoulders must be covered.
  • Iftar (the meal that breaks the fast) buffets are served after sunset at restaurants and hotels around Dubai. Buffets feature traditional dishes and often offer live entertainment as part of the festival.

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