Prepare yourselves for the zombie apocalypse!

The Contagion Run 2014 - Zombie Run in DubaiOn Halloween, Dubai hosts The Contagion Run, the first Zombie infested, 5km obstacle course in the UAE.

People can register as either Zombies, or as Survivors. The zombies are assigned to a particular area of the course and are there to steal the “lives” of the Survivors. Zombies don’t run the course, they are just there to enjoy the endless buffet of humans as they come running past. People who register as zombies will be made up on site to look like “basic” zombies, by Mary Samele & her crew We encourage people to do their own make up if there is a specific zombie look they are going for. If you have seen any recent zombie movies or TV shows, you know there are fast zombies and slow zombies…we want to make sure there is a good representation of both.

The race begins at 4pm on Friday, October 31st, at the Nad Al Sheba Cycle and Jogging Course, with new waves of runners starting every 15 minutes.

The Survivors are humanity’s last hope. They are gathered at Nad Al Sheba to be taken to another “safe zone”. But something goes horribly wrong at gathering point, and the Survivors, instead of being transported to the next safe zone, have to run for it. Along the way, they will have to navigate obstacles and avoid having their lives taken by the zombies. Without spoiling what obstacles people will have to go through, they should expect to do some crawling, climbing, jumping, getting wet, and of course running away from zombies.

The Survivor’s lives are represented by a belt they wear with 3 flags on it. Each flag represents a life, and the only way you will truly know if you’ve survived at the end of the race is if you have at least one flag left on your belt. If you lose all of your flags during the race, that doesn’t mean you are a zombie. We will have trained Zombie Response Squad members at the end of the race to give the Survivors a full review to determine if they have survived or if they will become one of the zombie horde.

This is a fun run which we are encouraging all fitness levels to come out and participate. After all, it is Halloween and ZOMBIES. With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, it is perfect for people who want to celebrate, dress up and have a bit of fun. We encourage people to get into the mood as much as possible. Be creative and dress up. The only requirement we have is that people who run the race as Survivors do not dress up as Zombies.

The race is for ages 16 and up, but there will be events there for all ages, so we encourage people to come down with their families and kids. We will have events there for them on site as well. A mini zombie course, photo booth and some events with our sponsors.

Registration happens through Premier Online open until October 24th. People can find out more information by visiting our website at, or our facebook page at

The Contagion Run 2014. Prepare yourselves for the zombie apocalypse!

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