Plastic surgery in Dubai

In recent years, plastic-surgery centers with gleaming facades have sprung up on streets all over the Middle East. The demand for plastic surgeries has increased rapidly, and women are comparing themselves to the Arab woman who became the idol, instead of the western women. The trend is being set by entertainers whose pouty lips, chiseled midriffs and enhanced breasts are seen on TV across the Arab world. If something is done on a famous figure, it becomes iconic in our world even if it doesn’t look esthetically appealing. Not all customers seek religious sanction, and not all surgeons abide by the clerics’ guidelines, so a woman is apt to pick a surgeon depending on how liberal he is.

Cause of a more liberal policy, plastic surgery is getting a big business in Dubai, and more people than you’d think are interested in giving it a try. The demand for plastic surgery has been on the rise among both, men and women, but recent data shows that a record number of men now go in for such surgery.

Not only arab women and men consider Dubai as destination for their plastic surgery. The US and Britain are the most expensive places in the world for plastic surgery, so you’ll find that a lot of Americans and Britons are going abroad for their surgery. The major hubs tend to be South America and the Far East. The main driving force for medical tourism is price. Plastic surgery in Dubai isn’t necessarily cheap, but they can compete because of the exchange rate and, mainly, tax. The flights, quality of hotels and location (halfway between East and West) make it a very good potential hub. And moreover you have to consider all the expats living in Dubai and looking for plastic surgery.

So Dubai is betting on healthcare and medical tourism. Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is the world’s first health free zone with the objective of developing a centre of excellence for medical services of the highest quality care available. Since its opening in 2002, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has continued to expand and today contains two fully functional general hospitals and over 90 health clinics, with this number growing on year after year. Over 120 medical facilities and 3700 healthcare professionals have chosen Dubai Healthcare City as their home and our high patient satisfaction levels are a testament to our quality of care.

The Italian Dr. Matteo Vigo specialist in plastic surgery will lead a workshop about this topic in Dubai, at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, in Dubai Healthcare City.

Plastic surgery in Dubai

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    British and American trained Plastic Surgeon looking for a job in the Middle East in Plastic Surgery and/or Hand Surgery.
    Doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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