News from Dubai: Brand New Dubai Expat Forums

News from Dubai: Brand New Dubai Expat ForumsIn the past 72 hours, a non-profit organisation called All Xpats – Dubai, has opened up its brand new forums which have already attracted over 120 members. The forums are for expats living in Dubai or people wishing to move to Dubai.

According to All Xpats – Dubai: Someone signed up in under 20 seconds, can you beat that?


Why it is a good idea to join a forum group in Dubai?

1. Make new friends

With plenty of other xpats to meet on forums, you’re bound to find a few people with similar mindsets who are looking to meet up. If you do meet someone on the forums, you can become friends with them and then send private messages to each other! This means no one else can see your private messages to one another.

2. Networking & Jobs

You can start discussions and meet other similar minded people that work in Dubai which you may never meet if you didn’t sign up to the forums. There is also a jobseekers section where you can post the type of job you are looking for and get recommendations on what to do next.

3. Increase Knowledge

By joining in with discussions and trying to help other people out, you will be surprised by how much information you retain and know in future when asked by other people.

4. Ask & Answer

With some of the most experienced xpat mums, dads, business people and other people knowledgeable in a range of areas on the new Dubai forums, you’re bound to get a pretty good answer. You can also make someone’s day by helping to answer their question.

Convinced you to sign up?

Why do people join forums? Out of 6,317 forum users surveyed by these were the results.
• 25.99% (1642 users) signed up to ask questions.
• 20.8% (1269 users) signed up to answer questions.
• 12.39% (783 users) signed up to spam.
• 6.28% (397 users) signed up to make friends.

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  • April 25, 2018 at 6:32 am

    The corporate branding is very imporatant for A brand. It means if you want your brand awareness to your community to your customers.

  • July 23, 2018 at 5:34 am

    Bad Luck!
    This from is nor more live for getting news and tips about Dubai :‑(


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