New Year’s Eve gold makeup with real 24 carat gold

New Year's Eve Gold makeup with 24 car gold by Mary Samele

A gold makeup, a New Years Eve Makeup Idea for a brilliant look, especially suitable in Dubai, where the gold is a symbol of wealthy and richness.

With a perfectly smooth complexion and seductive, gold lips, with real 24 carat gold.

Applying gold makeup will make your eyes shine, and that’s a good idea, especially for the New Year’s Eve. You can use touch up technique for eyes makeup: this method is the easiest method to apply the make up in your eyes, just applying gold shades with your finger to the outer corner of the eye. You can use gold makeup on your cheeks or lips. The makeup can be used for everybody: no matter what color or skin tone you have. Remember not to overuse it and choose a fine texture (otherwise you are getting big glitters on your skin).

New Year's Eve gold nail varnish with real 24 carat gold by Mary Samele

To apply real 24 carat gold makeup, you could add 24 carat gold powder with a brush on your cheeks and your lips, being sure to choose gold powder with fine textures. Unlike cheeks and eyes, adding a touch of gold in your lips needs to be done carefully.

You could also experiment on your body: first of all, you need to do is to apply a moisturizer on your skin; after that you can apply golden shades on your skin, being sure to choose gold powder with fine textures.

Try also the gold nail varnish.. in the picture a customized one by Mary Samele.

If you are still unsure how to do it properly, you don’t know where to purchase the gold powder or if you want a perfect look for the New Year’s Eve, you can to schedule an appointment.

Book your gold private makeup in Dubai for the New Year’s Eve or other special occasion!

Mary Samele

New Year's Eve gold makeup with real 24 carat gold by Mary Samele

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In the above pictures:
Model: Mary Samele
Gold Makeup & costume: Mary Samele

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