Monviso – The Right Mineral Water for Sports

Monviso – The Right Mineral Water for SportsWater is a fundamental part of the constitution of the human body. The water we drink affects the quality of our tissues and their resistance to illnesses. Every cell builds its existence on water. In newborns, water is 75% of the weight. As years go by, the percentage reduces to 40-60%. Even bones contain water (up to 32%) as well as muscles (73%); fat, instead, is hydrated at 50%. Brain contains 76% water, blood 82% and lungs 90%. The percentages are clear; water plays a fundamental role for our existence.

Hydration is important for all of us, but it is especially fundamental for sportspeople who need to reintegrate the water lost through sweat. Dehydration affects sportsperson’s performance, and it’s important that liquids are continuously intaken.

Endurance sports, in particular, require drinking small quantities of liquids throughout the effort at regular intervals (every 15-20 minutes) to prevent thirst. Sweat and evaporation are an important cooling mechanism for the body surface and proper hydration allows it to happen as needed. It’s important to begin drinking small doses of liquids even before starting the physical activity. Larger quantities are counterproductive, as they would stimulate the diuresis and consequently the quicker elimination of liquids.

What’s best to drink?

The ideal drink needs to have some fundamental characteristics, including a pleasant taste. It’s best to drink natural mineral water at room temperature, to prevent a thermal shock for the stomach.

Monviso natural mineral water has all the needed qualities to assure a sportsperson has the correct hydration level. In fact, the quality and purity of this mineral water is due to its originating from the highest natural water spring in Europe, the Rocce Azzurre (Azure Rocks) in the heart of the Monviso mountain (3.841 meters) in the Cozie Alps.

This spring is at an altitude of 2.042 meters, in a remote and protected area characterized by the lack of human establishments and any possibility of contamination. Water goes through a process of natural purification by flowing through rocks. The chemical characteristics of the Monviso water are excellent and the lack of human presence around the spring ensures low levels of nitrates.

The Monviso water is synonymous of high quality. It’s a slightly mineralized water that allows our body to function in a more efficient way and fight water retention. This water, in fact, contains also a low sodium content (only 0, 33 mg/lt, one of the lowest sodium contents in the world) and low amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) in a liter (measured after a 180 degrees Celsius evaporation): 49 mg.

Monviso – The Right Mineral Water for Sports

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