Monviso launches its brand ambassador program – How it works

Looking for a new earning opportunity? You can become an Ambassador of Monviso Water (see a 6-min 50 sec video for details) , the quality water supplier that is currently expanding within Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and to other countries around the world. Monviso has creating a new network with an interesting commission scheme that can help you build a real business or help you make some extra cash on the side. As a member of the Monviso team, your role will be to find customers; whether they are private citizens, offices, supermarket or larger corporate clients, you will receive a percentage of the profits and be part of the company’s success.

The Monviso Ambassador program offers a total commission of up to 15 per cent per sale. You will be earning 10% for direct sales and an addition 5% for sales of your friends who have become Ambassadors too (second-level customers). Interested parties need to register for the program and will receive an ambassador code to be used to identify sales. Ambassadors will have up to 6 months to do their first sale, as the company is interested in giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in the program. They will be able to bring in clientele from both the private and public sectors (supermarkets/restaurants) via networking or social media networking. For larger customers, Monviso will be able to provide appropriate contracts.

The unit of sale is bottle packs and Monviso delivers the order directly to the customer’s home or business address across the UAE, as well as in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The Italian mineral water Monviso is looking to the Middle East market with the goal of offering the highest quality imported mineral water at an affordable price.

Monthly commission statements are used to identify client purchases and redeem your earnings. Income potentials are unlimited as the number of possible customers. For further details, visit the official website at or see the Monviso Ambassador F.A.Q. (YouTube video of 2:28).

Earn commission right now on all purchases of customers you get by joining the Monviso Ambassadors program! Ambassadors are their own bosses (#monvisoBeYourBoss); one can work from any place and at any time selling water to their contacts.

To join the Monviso Ambassador Network is an easy process.

  1. Register through the website’s landing page, making sure to provide your name as it appears on your government-issued ID card.
  2. Monviso assigns a unique code to the name, email address and mobile number you provided during registration.
  3. Based on this unique code, Monviso tracks the purchases of customers you get directly and the purchases of customers referred by your friends who join as Monviso ambassadors.

Once registered as one of its new Brand Ambassadors will receive a guide and learn what it takes to do the job.

Monviso is known for its pleasant taste and for its quality and purity. It is a 100% “natural mineral water” as per European regulations and it is bottled at source, the highest spring in Europe at an altitude of 2,042 meters.  With its low sodium content that satisfies water fundamental role in cell functions and metabolism, but is also ideal to clean kidneys, helps avoid fatigue and helps maintain optimal blood pressure.


Monviso launches its brand ambassador program – How it works


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