Max Calderan, The Son of the Desert

Max Calderan in the desert of LiwaExtreme Desert Explorer, defined son of the desert, Max Calderan has crossed the most insidious and impassable sands in the world, surviving in conditions that are beyond any known human limits.

Among his several record explorations he has run 90 hours never stopping covering 437 km in Oman following the ideal line of Tropic of Cancer. He’s run 360 km in 75 hours across United Arab Emirates in summer time with temperature of 140 Fahrenheit. Max has pushed his limit over all scientific studies. Medicine is still unable to give a scientific explanation to his achievements.

We had chance to meet Max during the Spartan Race, in February, in a very funny way.. on the flight to Dubai he was reading a copy of OutdoorUAE and he found interesting an article written by me and he saw my pictures. 2 days after, at the Spartan Race, he recognized me and we stopped for a chat.
After a while, knowing one of my dreams was to complete a full marathon in the desert, he proposed me to spend a day together in the desert.. “Calderan style”. Of course I accepted.

During the 2,30 hrs drive to Liwa, he had chance for an interview… you can read the full article and the interview on this issue of OutdoorUAE:
OutdoorUAE June 2015 cover, interview with Max Calderan

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