Max Calderan – Iran is His Next Big Challenge

The Dubai-based Italian expat Max Calderan plans to explore Dasht-e Lut, known as the Lut Desert, a sandy and muddy salt desert plain with recorded surface temperatures as high as 71 °C (159 °F)—the hottest surface temperature recorded on Earth. As a post in The National noted, it is “not the kind of place you should be trekking – but that is not going to stop Max Calderon.” He has decided to cross the harsh terrain in December. Because of the extreme heat condition and ever-shifting terrain, this desert presents one of the biggest survival challenges yet. However, with Max being a well-known desert explorer, he can overcome the limitations of these extreme environments. His trip to Iran and explorer moment is designed to promote public awareness about Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP) to save the endangered animal. Calderon is the project’s ambassador.

Calderan says he will prepare himself mentally for the 100 per cent mind over matter expedition. He has achieved great feats of physical and mental endurance before, why shall this be any different? Preparation is everything, Max says. He shows no limits of human survival. As mentioned in The National, he will be covering around 400km; going north to south, following what has been called an impossible line. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? He is bound to prove that it is humanly possible.

Extreme desert running is no obstacle to Italian marathon runner Max Calderan, a Dubai trekker specialized on desert terrain. He has the ability to survive alone in the desert without food or medical help for unusually long periods. Some people may think Max is only one of its kind, but “[he] came to believe that we all have an inner strength and that with strong belief we can go beyond our normal limits,” he told the Al Jazeera Media Network.

Forty-eight year old Max Calderan is defined “Son of the Desert” for his several record explorations in which he discovered amazing new horizons while surpassing his own limits to defy reality and proving that humans can continually progress beyond their imaginable limits.

Max is also a celebrity speaker, trainer and motivator. His is able to influence others easily. In fact, Nico de Corato, owner and founder of the DubaiBlog Network, had the chance to meet him in person, and was inspired to go further and explore his own limits. Nico’s First Solo Desert Marathon was achieved also thanks to Max Calderan.

In a meeting with Calderan, Nico got to learn where he finds the energy for his explorations. During his interview, which is covered in this issue of OutdoorUAE, he learned some of Max’s training techniques that had gone on to be very powerful and motivating for Nico in exploring his own strengths and challenges across the United Arab Emirates.

To discover more about Max Calderan, visit his website at Many will discover how they can too push their mind and body past limits once thought impossible.

Max Calderan - Iran is His Next Big Challenge


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