Marine Life in UAE – Popular Attractions

When you’re in Dubai, be sure to visit the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall. They respectively house 85 and 140 different species of aquatic animals. When it comes to marine life within aquariums, Dubai brings one of the best interactive experiences and range of sea creatures to visitors.

Some very interesting marine creatures, including sharks and rays, can be found at The Dubai Mall Aquarium ( Dubai Aquarium’s 270-degree acrylic walkthrough tunnel makes for incredible close-encounter experiences. If that is not enough excitement, then reaching out and touching some of the marine life in designated pools might be an aquatic experience worth exploring.

Alternatively, go to the underwater world at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, which will turn you into an underwater explorer on an Atlantis Shark Safari. The Immersive Adventure takes the explorer to discover marine life like never before in a wondrous aquatic world of sharks, rays and colorful fish.

The Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium presents a maze of tunnels and tanks that are home to 65,000 marine animals: a place ideal for kids to learn about the marine life around them from tour guides and divers.

What’s more, Atlantis – The Palm, Dubai – gives people the chance to swim with dolphins. Dolphin Bay in Atlantis is ideal for scuba diving alongside these charismatic creatures, and the best way to get to know the marine animals is to scuba dive with them. If swimming with dolphins is not for you, you can watch and interact with them through live shows at the Dubai Dolphinarium ( complex.

In addition to submerging in an aquarium or plunging in pools to visit aquatic animals are also the sea life diving adventures in the ocean.

When it comes to Scuba Diving, there are a lot of dive sites to explore the rich variety of marine life, so you can easily dive to see and be with them. In the Arabian Gulf over 500 aquatic species are said to be found around the UAE.

The number of those who want to experience fishing and scuba diving in the Gulf waters is growing amongst UAE residents and tourists. It is great to explore the splendid marine world of flora and fauna, affirms DubaiBlog owner, Nico de Corato, a contributor of OutdoorUAE Magazine too, who has a passion for photography and filming during diving trips and has taken snapshots of beautiful sea life.

Nico de Corato, a member of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA) and a lifeguard & rescue diver, notes that UAE has ideal spots, like Khor Fakkan, for diving and snorkeling. When time permits, he takes the plunge in search of sea dwelling species with ambition to uncover more of the underwater world, habitat, landscapes, etc.

Whether in an aquarium or as an open water diver, locals and tourists can take part in these exciting adventures in the underwater world as an unforgettable part of their Dubai vacation experience.

Marine Life in UAE – Popular Attractions

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