Luxury knives in Dubai…

Luxury knives in Dubai...Dubai, you know, is a land where wealth is present and you can feel it. Luxury and super luxury are everywhere and that’s why a skilled craftsman decided to dedicate some of his creations to this city. Massimo Manca, amateur specialized in the design and manufacture of luxury knives, was born in Luxembourg from Sardinian parents of Pattada. Pattada (Sardinian: PatàdaPathàda) is a municipality in the Province of Sassari in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 150 km north of Cagliari and about 50 km southeast of Sassari, famous for the production of Sardinian knives named “Resolzas“.

After 8 years in Luxembourg, he returned with his parents in Sardinia. Still a teenager he began to work in a construction company specialized in roads and infrastructure, learning the use of machinery and developing an aptitude for manual labor. And due to the great fame of the native country for the tradition of the knives manufacture, it was almost natural for him the creation of his first knife.

In the past, the Italian craftsman made a knife inspired by Arab culture, with a horse head (pictured above) embedded in the handle. Well-known is the Arab passion for riding: the same HH Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum bin Radhid, ruler of Dubai, is a well-known rider, as well as the Arabian horse is one of the oldest and used breed, originating in the Arabian Peninsula.

Then Massimo started specializing himself in the manufacture of luxury knives. In the picture: luxury knife with a white gold handle and diamonds inserted along the incision and stainless steel blade.

Luxury knives in Dubai...

The amateur passion continues today and Massimo Manca created a line of luxury knives dedicated to the victory of the Expo 2020, a product called “Sa resolza 2020“.

Luxury knife in Dubai Expo 2020

It is a jack-knife, with handle made of ram horn, collar (or bolster) and pins of the handle made of white gold, steel blade forged entirely by hand and finely enriched with the engraving of the logo Expo 2020. This knife is for sale with box and certificate of authenticity. The overall length is a little more than 23 cm.

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