Looking For Your First car? Buy it with Ramadan Car Deals!

Forget Ramadan restraint – for the first time car buyer there’s no better time to splurge…

Not just time for a clean stomach and conscience – or a new wardrobe – Ramadan is also the time to park a brand new car in your garage! For many years now,  dealerships have used both the high summer months – and the holy month of  Ramadan – for their cut price car deals. With Ramadan in June/July combining both this year – there’s never been a better time to buy.

Have a peak under the bonnet of some of the showrooms competing in this price showdown and check out these 10 Ramadan car deals you won’t want to miss.

Al Futtaim Motors are running offers on Toyota and Honda models; the Honda City is reduced from Dh53,900 to Dh49,900, the 2016 Civic from Dh72,900 to Dh69,900, the Accord from Dh86,900 to Dh79,900  and the CR-V has been reduced from Dh113,900 to Dh99,900.

For Toyotas they’re offering; no down payment, 0% interest for the 1st 2 years and no instalments for the first three months. The prices have slowed right down too; the Yaris Hatchback is only Dh349 per month while the sedan is a mere Dh449 per month, the Camry starts at Dh931 per month – and the RAV4 starts at only Dh1,238.

The Chevrolet is going for a song at various showrooms. A Tahoe has savings of up to Dh25,000, an Impala has up to Dh15,000 – and the  Malibu and Cruze can save you Dh10,000.

Nissan has added Ramadan sweeteners in the form of rewards during the holy month at Arabian Automobiles; starting from Dhs1,000 to Dhs100,000 – plus they’re offering free servicing up to 100,000km, free insurance for 1year, 5 years unlimited mileage warranty and up to Dhs5,000 on top of the market value of your old car when you trade it in. Phew, it’s enough to get your wheels spinning!

Jeeps are going cheap at Western Motors – the 2016 Renegade is a snip at Dh69,900; the Compass is Dh79,900; the Cherokee Dh89,900; the Wrangler Dh99,900 – and the Grand Cherokee is only Dh139,900.

Al Habtoor Motors is worth checking out if a Mitsubishi is your fancy – they’re offering a 0% down payment, 5 years/100,000km warranty, service up to 30,000km – and you’ll find the  Pajero for only Dh89,900, the Lancer for Dh39,900, the Mirage from Dh37,900, the Outlander from Dh74,000 – and the Montero Sport from only Dh84,900.

Lexus are paying your down payment for you – and that was before Ramadan even started.

Al Nabooda are making VWs look extra tempting with 0% interest up to 5 years, monthly payments starting from Dh994, up to 1 year’s free insurance – plus a 5-year warranty package, 3 years or 45,000km free service, 3-year roadside assistance and free registration.

Especially good for first timers – Volkswagen’s offers cover both new and pre-owned cars. Depending on the model, monthly repayments can start from Dh994 with the option to defer payment for 90 days – and cash buyers have even more discounts available.

So drive away this Ramadan and make a new start – with a new you, in a new car.

Looking For Your First car? Buy it with Ramadan Car Deals!

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