Liwa 2016 Fat Bike Challenge

The Liwa 2016 Fat Bike Challenge was held on Friday December, 2 (45 UAE National Day) at the base of Moreeb Dune; it was the Western Regions first ever Fat Bike Race. A challenging course was a true test of skill and navigation,   across the top of the hill and across the basin before returning for an exciting downhill finish.

The Moreeb dunes are one of the most sought-after off-road destinations in the UAE, with 300 metres height and an estimated 50° slipface.

The first-ever Fat Bike Challenge was created to challenge (fat) bikers, who had to climb one of the world’s steepest slopes before being expected to compete with one another in a 12km course.

The overall winner of the long course was Khaled Saif Al Muhairi completing the course in a time of 46m26sec. The short course was won by Mauro Cereda in a time of 40m43sec.

Set in the pictureque Moreeb Dunes riders set out at for the climb over the northern dune before encountering rolling dunes along the escarpment dropping into the basin and a fast trek along to the turn points. Elevations for the 3 climbs along the course ranged from 80 metres to a maximum of the 120metres each for the final drop down the main escarpment to the finish line.

There were also a 7Km option and a junior 2.5k option on the flats.

Liwa 2016 Fat Bike Challenge.

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